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  1. I am the king of this mental dumbassery. About 6 months ago I came back to golf after a 5 year break (was for a few different reasons, but my mental well being was a big one). I still get a bit torqued at a horrid swing producing a bad shot, but I have learned that I do not play this game for a living and having a good time is the only reason I still play. After our club championship where I posted the two worst back to back rounds since I came back, I have left my anger behind and learned to just play each shot for that shot, each hole for that hole. If I make a bad swing, well, go find the b
  2. I had the F9 and wanted to love it, especially for the price. But it just wasn’t as forgiving a head as I had hoped. I got fitted into a Ping G410 plus with Tensei Orange and really liked the ball flight and how straight I hit it, but that is always my experience with the Ping drivers. I am always hitting them well and always looking for something else to knock it out of the bag. I only hit the ball 250 when I am swinging well, so a few extra yards with a driver is nice to have, but in the fairway twice as often is even better. Then came along the Speedzone Extreme Pars and Stripes edition wit
  3. I am playing in my clubs “Booze Bash” this coming weekend. Two rounds, one Saturday, one Sunday. The first round is playing your ball with any one in your foursome, turn your card in and then we have a seeding party with Calcutta for Sunday’s round which is an A flight and a B flight where top A is paired with bottom A and second A is paired with second from the bottom A and so on. B flight is the same. The kicker is that you and your partner are playing true alternate shot for 18 holes. We then add Saturday’s and Sunday’s scores together to determine placing. It is a hoot, but not for the fai
  4. Finding that shaft and having it installed in the Cobra head would be your best bet. It shouldn’t be that hard to find that shaft...
  5. For me it was the Ping TISI driver. It sounded like a shotgun went off when struck really well. It was longer for me than the GBB and I loved watching everyone snap their heads around when I smoked one of the tee next to the green they were putting on...lol
  6. I have a set of these and a set of T200’s. Between the two, the distances are very similar, but the forgiveness for me is better with the T200’s. I am still working with both sets and trying to see if one or the other is a better fit for me. The Tec’s feel a bit softer on good strikes, but it almost feels kind of dead sometimes. I have not experienced any “flyer” with either set as others have commented. I am about a 10-12 handicap.
  7. I have the Cobra Forged Tec iron. No flyers at all, and easy to hit. I can work them left and right, but flighting them down is tough. I also play Titleist T200 irons as well. I am having a hard time figuring out if one is better than the other...
  8. I think for average players, 3-3.5 is a solid number. I know when there is no one holding me up, I can play really fast. I have to tell myself to slow down a bit all the time because I sometimes don’t think enough about the shot or aftermath of the shot. If I was playing behind said foursome, I would have no issues if they played at the 3-3.5 hour pace.
  9. I still have a set of Razr X MB irons that I will play when I am swinging the club really well. Unfortunately that doesn’t happen all that often anymore...lol. They really are one of my all time favorite irons. Soft, great feel and I hit them really good distances even thought they are weaker lofted.
  10. I went through this same thing earlier this year. I decided on getting both. I use a Garmin S20 and a Precision Pro NX7 with slope. My course has severe elevated greens on a few holes and the slope feature has helped a few times. I probably use the laser 8-10 times a round, but the watch on every shot..
  11. I was out enjoying a local round myself during the event, but watched some of the replay before bed last night. Man, you guys complain about everything. It was a short notice thrown together event. I had fun watching it, and yes, there could have been improvements and the commentary was a bit annoying, but if you just take it for what it was, it was fun. The tie breaker was the most disappointing thing for me, but I get why it was done that way. Rickie was the underdog the whole day, but I do not know who they could have gotten as his partner instead of MW. That can guy can drive the ball, but
  12. I still have a 975F with a DG S300 shaft in it in my back up bag. If I play shorter par 4’s on a tight course, it makes in the starting line up. I can hit that club high, low, left, right, off the deck or off the tee. It just works. It isn’t as long as my F9 14.5 by any means, but it goes exactly where I want it to. That 975F will never leave my possession. When all else fails, I can use it for 50% of my shots in a round...lol
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