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  1. These were from several years ago... [attachment=1834732:25467_10150125648570191_3782689_n.jpg] [attachment=1834738:537771_10152485114760191_1992843967_n.jpg]
  2. Its simple....before this site, I was the everyday "Joe the hacker". After GolfWRX, I transformed into Joe the Golf Hoe with a room full of clubs and growing. Not only that, there is always something new to learn whether it be mechanics, pga & lpga news, net golf clubs, or simple golf rules. And the addition of the GolfWRX youtube channel just takes this site to the whole new level. Great site that I recommend to all my golf buddies. Keep it up whether I win or not!!!! =)
  3. My worst experience was when me and a buddy of mines got paired up with these two guys who thought there were PGA pros or something. First hole was fine, but on the 2nd hole, one of the guys shanked his drive on the tee and somehow the ball hit me about 15 yds away. I was standing in his blind spot and in what I thought was a safe spot (guess not). That is not the worst part though, after hitting me, he just walked right past me, picked up his ball and proceeded. Their ego and attitude continued for the rest of the round as me and my friend just whooped on them and just seeing them shank one ball after another. To top it off, after the 18th hole, they just walked off the green without any post round etiquette. Me and my friend just shook our heads and was glad it was over.
  4. Can you send some more pics of the face and stuff? - Thanks
  5. The scorecard says par 71..but still an amazing feat not the less.
  6. Hi, can you please post a face picture of the Superfast TP. Thanks!
  7. - Red alignment line with my practice round balls and Black alignment line with balls i play on tournament rounds. - Two balls, 2 long tees, 2 short tees, and a ball marker in my front right pocket before teeing off front hole - Divot fixer, scorecard, and pencil in my back right pocket - Powerade or Sprite on the course (never do well when I drink Gatorade) And...haha...i "apologize" then tell my club to never do that "[email protected]@t" again after I hit a really bad shot and slam my club into the ground.
  8. Wow, didn't know that the rules can be so confusing and conflicting. But going back to some of the prior posts, i would think its not legit to post since playing a 2nd ball would allow me to get into rhythm easier and fix my swing on the next stroke. Sorta like a more productive practice swing. I wasn't going to past anyways and seems like that's correct accord to rule "5-1d/2. Status of Scores Made when Two Balls Played Throughout Round" (also mentioned in a prior post). Pretty crazy how they think up all these rules including thinking of all of the possible scenarios.
  9. Thats what I thought, didn't know if I was able to finish before sun down, that was another reason why I played two balls, tried to get that extra practice in. Didn't mean to imply anything else i guess, was just excited about the scores and finally was able to get my swing together for a whole "round". Now if only I can play the same with just one ball
  10. So I got out of work early today and the weather was awesome, so by default I hit up the course. Wanting to maximize my round, I played two balls each hole, keeping track of the scores for each ball individually. I typically do that putting one ball against against. Today it was the Penta TP vs. the B330-S. So I "scored" 82 with the Penta and 79 with the B330-S (first time I ever broke 80, and even got a chip in eagle!). So my conscience tells me that both scores aren't legit and according to my friend "the dynamics are different". So I'd like some input on if you guys do the same, and how you guys keep score? Would you think they are legit?
  11. I was in china a couple months ago and saw the TM Penta TP golf balls going for $80-100/doz over there. I was shocked to say the least.
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