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  1. Seeing eye squirrel for blind dogs.. LOL that's Brilliant!
  2. Got a large stack of wedges and bag whatever works. My son is constantly rummaging through the stack as well so its pretty dynamic. As of now I have the 46 set wedge. 53/8 vanilla and a 58/12 calloway. One chrome, one satin and one raw.
  3. Nessim is right but yeah, I went from x100 to i95 steelfibers and am very pleased. They come around quick.
  4. If my dog doesn't like you I may have to shoot you.... fify.
  5. So let's just suppose it's a nice sunny day in Ontario and I happen to find myself near the club I belong to and decide to just shoulder my bag tee off on one? Would the Mounties come boot stomp my insubordinate butt and throw me in jail? Would the club employees stop me? What if several dozen of my club mates had, coincidentally the same inclination at the same time? There comes a time in a mans life.
  6. Played a white hot for like 10 years. Good days and bad but I putted ok with it. Went to a fully milled putter a few years ago and like it better. It feels more deliberate, less bouncy if that makes sense. Maybe it's the overall mass or the deep milling but it "feels" like the ball stays on the face longer.
  7. Had three at 18 month intervals. Didn't play at all for 5 years. Oldest had no interest in golf but the other two do. Once they started playing I did as well. I was never really good anyway so once I found my short game again I was back in business.
  8. Ton of threads on this. I'm on a phone so I cant link them. Sorry.
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