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  1. So by that thinking we should eliminate Wingfoot as well to balance the average. No?
  2. Sponsors are gonna get lots of eyeballs tomorrow.
  3. I have an F5 Krank that I love. Its deep and pretty darn straight but I cant play it. The stupid thing sounds like a softball bat hitting a fence post. Everyone turns and stares. Its awkward.
  4. This is very true and my kids are not on the level that most of this boards children are but they do enjoy the competition and look fwd to matches and practice. The schools they attend barely have a program at all, there is no internal competition for a place on the team. Show up and your on. Of course only the better players travel to matches but that's kind of a joke. My daughters team is her (1), who normally scores around 43-48 and another girl who shoots mid to high 50s and 4 first time golfers who cant finish nine. My son attends a different school and its pretty much the same there. His good days are low 40s but he can post up a smooth 53 with the best of them and he is the 1 seed. Only 9 hole matches too. (?) There is one school in Naples that has some damn fine golfers and I think those kids take some long a** bus rides for competition but that aint us. LOL. It just irks me that that there is no spring golf when everything is in place to support and promote it. I think it would help carry the stoke through summer and result in a stronger crop of junior golf come fall. /rant. Thank you for replying. NOTE* He did get his match in yesterday, said he played like crap, wont tell me his score... such is life.
  5. I don't get it. SW Florida schools have golf in the fall when its hot as crap and rains every day. In the six years of two kids playing high school golf we probably average 60% match completion. Rain or lightning kills the rest. Its because of money of course. Come November the tee sheets are packed with snow birds paying a premium. But season pretty much ends at Easter. That leaves plenty of time for much better golf. The rates plummet and courses open up and the weather is so much more suited to competitive golf. That and it would align our season with the rest of the counties schools for State level and above competition. So what's it like over in Boca? Up in Jville? Austin? S. Cacalacki? Fall or spring high school golf? My senior son and sophomore daughter both have matches today. Looking out my window and at the red covered radar...it aint gonna happen. again...
  6. I'm a weirdo. I never hit a vokey that didn't feel clicky. I can feel the ball with them. Mizuno, Callaway and Cleveland all make wedges I like.
  7. So much suck I cant wrap my brain around it.
  8. Nope. Both bags 14 way. I like knowing where my stuff is.
  9. Had both my favourite putters for quite a few tears. A) Betti #1 B) Zebra
  10. I sense a deep winter thread topic. POLL: Shanks or Sharts? Pic one!
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