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  1. When I'm paid to have (my caddie) carry it. Then it matters. But I see you man and understand. I'd love to find a legit Adam's bag.
  2. I wasn't even aware of their bromance. I need to get out more.
  3. And yes, that is a 1979 Ski Nautique.
  4. That's Taxi loud and proud. Beagle / Bassett. Best bird dog ever. Best nose ever. Pure pirate, bit of an a******, but that's the beagle coming through. Gun and horse trained. That dog can flat out hunt. Misty is the 110lb BMC hogging the back seat. Everyone loves Misty, even cats lol. The blonde is my wife. Can you tell she's a realtor?
  5. We are gonna need pics of GF to call this one.
  6. Is Treviso bay still public? I haven't been there but once when they first opened. May be worth looking into. Forest Glen is pretty close to I75 and semi private. Played it with my son and the guard shack lady would not let us in until 20 minutes before our Tee time. So no range time for us. Then the counter guy charges me full boat for a 13 YO kid. I had to drop the kids coaches name to get him straight. Remember the rough being very sticky and club head grabby for some reason. Never even thought about going back and I drive right past it every day. Fiddlers is great, weird but great. Both M
  7. Puma for most guys I play with in south Florida. Super light breath well and dry fast.
  8. 3 (three). Hoping to improve on this in 2021.
  9. I understand that in the middle ages, people would celebrate the end of a plague with wine and orgies. Sounds interesting at least.
  10. That's my set up exactly. 46. 52, 58. Just habit I guess because I've done it for years.
  11. Wow. I know a bunch of very well off gentlemen rolling trucks as daily drivers. One of my clients owns 17 foundries and has several club memberships. Drives a Raptor. He'd be pissed if he had to take the Gem car. Lol.
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