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  1. Thank you so much double O thirty three. Ill be sure to check it out!
  2. Thanks. Ill look for stay and play options. Not looking to play world class courses. Overlooked local gems are more our style. Much more relaxed.
  3. Google has led me to Hayward which appears to be smack-dab in the middle of nowheresville USA.. Looks to be good drift boat fishing for very reasonable rates and how about Big Fish Golf Course? Its a friggn Pete Dye track for $25! I am so in.. LOL. So anyone familiar with this area? Is it hours and hours from an airport? Certainly looks remote. Ever played Big Fish? Recommend a charter or place to stay? Or is there someplace better i should be looking?
  4. Leaning toward Wisconsin for sure. I hear muskie fishing is fun and there's a ton of golf. Any more tips?
  5. My 17yo son and I are spit balling the idea of taking our stand bags and 5 weights somewhere in August where there is an abundance of good public golf and fishing. Being from SW Florida we are looking for low temps / humidity and fish we don't see every day that eat flys. If it matters he's a tourney proven 8, I'm a travelling 14 and we tie our own patterns. Plan is to choose activities based on daily weather and wing it. Suggestions?
  6. Freddy for me too. I spent 20 years trying to swing like Fred.
  7. Bar tender 19th hole or course marshal. I can be a real dick when I have to be.
  8. Mehh.. it's a gamer. Jam it in the bag with no cover. The more chatter it gets the more putts it will make. I say let that dog hunt just the way it is.
  9. Average temp in Cabo in August is 94f. Average temp in Maui in August is 74f. The fishing is excellent in both locations.
  10. The + version are matched and staggered special..
  11. I play mostly with my loving children. Those foul mouthed bastards are merciless.
  12. My daughter loves them. I have a few extra.
  13. The dreaded closed stance. I would swear on anything I'm lined up on path meanwhile blocking everything out into the car park.
  14. I don't want to do the work. If I take lessons, then I have to practice. We talkin 'bout practice!
  15. A ride on Ernies plane together would sort a few things out.
  16. Bob has a hot girlfriend, kick a** cart speaker and always brings the best weed. I give Bob the highest recommendation for membership.
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