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  1. Yes it does. Stole that one from Goodfellas. No excuses - just pay up!
  2. I have used Dormie Workshop for both a driver and putter cover. The attention to detail in the stitching is awesome and they were a treat to deal with. As good as it gets.
  3. Agree 100% about the colorways. Normally the grey bag would have been top of my list but after seeing it person, you describe it perfectly. Kind of looks like the bag just finished 18 holes driving on dirt paths. The navy on the other hand really popped and looked the best out of the limited options my local Golftown just got in stock.
  4. You have good tastes Minarets, first bag I've owned that was not black. Looking to bring a bit more color to 2021 after whatever the hell 2020 was.
  5. Thanks! Man, that VLX was soooo close to being perfect. But - legs not only didn't snap back to position with some authority like I am used to with my 4.5 - but one of the legs was drooping 4 or 5 inches right out the box. With the higher cost comes higher expectations, and because of the stand, it didn't meet my personal expectations. Aside from the droopy leg, in my opinion, the quality of the materials is unlike anything else being offered by Ping, SM, Titleist etc.
  6. After months of research - a purchased then returned VLX - finally made a decision and went with the 2.5. Room for everything I need. Straps feel great so far. Larger opening than all other bags in the same category and full length dividers. Seems like the perfect bag when you walk most of the time.
  7. I've had the SM 4.5 LS for the last 3 seasons and it has held up well. If your not after the super light carry bags, it's kind of the best of both worlds (walking or riding). When I used it with my Speedcart, the stand wasn't an issue. Also, if club tangle is something that grinds your gears, SM 4 way top is probably the best one around
  8. You could be right. They also show a pic of the tether used with the legs extended so I just assumed that's what it was for. Regardless, if I need to adjust the tensioner piece already, I would think that it is going to be an on-going issue. I would be concerned how it holds up over time. Also, when you pick the bag up, the legs don't exactly snap back either. That droop may not be an issue for some, but it left a bad first impression on me (especially considering the $$). Now leaning toward the EZ strap with the 2.5+
  9. First post but I have used this site as a resource for quite some time (thank you all), so I figured I should finally contribute. Coming from a SM 4.5LS, was looking for a new, more compact, walking bag. Like most on this thread, hoping to find the elusive prefect golf bag. And I finally found it! Or so I thought.... I picked up a Vessel VLX bag (white). So nice. Grabbed it from our big box store (Golftown), as Vessel charges $160 USD to ship to Canada but, that charge ain't there through GT. The quality is top notch. Soft touch materials, leather handles
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