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  1. As someone who is on the wrong side of 75, let recommend to you find a new gal pal. It will save a ton of lawyer fees down the road. I wished someone would have convinced me decades ago I could afford more golf and nicer clubs.
  2. For those of you that play in net/handicap leagues, do you use the players full handicap or a percentage?
  3. I like to bring it home and load it on to my computer. Then its a much larger screen and I can watch it a frame at a time.
  4. Well done! Be sure and let us know your tee times.
  5. I just use a selfie stick stuck in my golf bag. When not in use it will go in a pocket on the bag.
  6. I use the underground also. It is at least as accurate if not more than any others I have tried.
  7. I play as a single quite often. I fully expect to have to wait on any foursome I catch. I have never asked a group to let me play thru, though many offer. However if there is no place to go, there is no place to go. I will go to my ball and many times take some practice swings, plan my shot so as I am ready to go when they clear the green. As far as my posture while waiting I have no clue.
  8. I'm 73, play 5-6 times a week in warm weather (last year played 78 18's and 184 9's). I go to the range or practice green once or twice weekly. I feel my best golf is still ahead of me. Sometimes I need a little Advil but I think you will stay young longer if you just keep moving. What I have lost in distance I have picked in playing a bit smarter. The short game is your friend.
  9. I have to chuckle at some of you pups. I'm in my mid seventies and I still think my best golf is ahead of me. I didn't break par until 71. You just have to accept the ball don't go as far as it used to. The rest of the game is the same and hopefully you already made all the stupid mistakes.
  10. Is a player entitled to relief from an obstruction that is out of bounds and not part of the golf course? The situation was a residential course where a homeowners fence was just beyond the out of bounds stakes and the ball was just inbounds. Without the home owners fence the player would have been able to stand out of bounds and hit the ball. We decided it couldn't be an obstruction if it wasn't on the course. Right or wrong?
  11. Being in my 70's I have a hard time picking up the ball flight if I'm not near the target line. I play in a senior league and as my habit was near the target line and about 8 to 10 yds back when another player asked me to move as that bothered him. The last thing I want to do is interfere with another player so I moved. After he hits he asked If I saw where it went "nope". After 2 lost balls and penalties he decided it would be fine if I stood where I could see the play flight. Seems as it wasn't that much of a bother after all.
  12. Why not have two pots? The golfer can choose which or both he/she wants to enter and compete for. No one can complain.
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