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  1. What great info posted. Just to add other clubs with wide soles and low bounces, I have used Mizuno MP-T4s and MP-T5s (4* and 6*) that worked very well for me and I never knew why and after they wore out I could never find wedges to replicate them.
  2. Old thread but it's late 2020 and WedgeWorks is taking 4-6 weeks for delivery. Found a Cleveland 588 RTG 1 dot and MD5 W low bounce as alternatives. Cost was less than new a Vokey. Both are Roger Cleveland designs.
  3. I meant just the club setup is the same as mine, I don't have these same actual irons or woods. Although I am looking into the SM8s.
  4. Has anyone googled Odyssey OG yet? Well it's not your father's putter anymore.
  5. This is my bag, minus the gap wedge and a hybrid.
  6. Just got a triple track 2 ball, I would swap it if this new one had a single line down the middle.
  7. Second the M4 3HL play it with a KuroKage TiNi
  8. Just bought a 2Ball TT during the Callaway PreOwned sale last night. Typically played a Odyssey 2W or 3T style even tried the new Clevelands #8. All very good and worth gaming. Looking for that putter that helps sink or save one or two more putts per round but who isn't?
  9. Got this setup shipping next week hopefully if the country isn't on fire.
  10. Installing a black 80R in a M6 7wood previously had a 60R silver and saw good things, hoping the new can help with ballooning.
  11. Bought the #8 it's a step above the Wilson Infinite line in terms of feel, grip is better also. Overall it has the chance to replace my Odyssey 2w if on course results are as good as the practice greens. Might change the grip or add 10 grams either by tape or heavier shaft.
  12. Take him to golf court, or send this thread to his email accidentally
  13. Just bought a 1.0 , gonna put a KBS putter shaft and winn grip at 34.5" length Coming from oworks 2w
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