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  1. Hi WRX'ers! I have been playing my MP-25s for the better parts of 4-5 seasons now. Always have me coming back for more but unfortunately the grooves are starting to wear out on me ... With that said, I am in the market for a new (to me) set of players irons. Doesn't have to be the latest model however, I am looking for "new, mint to great" condition. I know some of you club ho's have closets full of mint gear not being used, haha. Please send me specs, price and pictures. Brand; Titleist - Any release of the AP2 (even OG AP2s if in desired condition)
  2. Hi gents! Easy one here today, Titleist TSi3 8.0* head only that I purchased on the BST month or two ago. Note the sky-mark on the topline (purchased this way) but I will say, its not really noticeable at address. Its more of a scuff than an actual ding/scratch. Also minor scuff towards the toe side as pictured and obvious sole wear. Just want to be upfront as some are more picky than others (did my best to capture imperfections with lighting). No headcover, no tool and no adapter included, just the head. Asking $300 shipped. Please note, I am only willing to ship within CON USA 48, no
  3. Nice John Wooden quote but again, this is about set of irons you tried to get for a lesser price. No payment was sent/received. Seller received a full asking price and was honest with you. You're upset cause you lost the purchase and now looking to take some moral high ground against someone you don't even know. Maybe vetting a mans "character" in the future would be more fruitful otherwise, your in for a lifetime of disappointment. Let it go. - KC
  4. Selling golf equipment to some random buyer on a golf forum who is looking for a discount is not a measure of a mans word. Apples to oranges. - KC
  5. "Statute of limitations", LOL.... depends on the choice of law To the extent money was not received on sellers end, I would of taken the full price offer to. I think to often here people immediately offer below asking price to try and score a deal. IMO, the prices here are more than fair 99% of the time. Maybe next time offer what was asked within the listing and you would of had the irons headed your way. Apologies if this comes off wrong, but you sound "upset" because you were being cheap on an item it sounds like you really wanted. Verdict: OP, you're clearly on
  6. Set the butt of the club center of stance and return to same position at impact. A simple wrist c0ck and release back to impact will optimize use of bounce. Assuming you're a righty, use your right hand only and don't let the leading edge dig. Feel for me is like you're throwing the right hand at impact (extension, palm down to flexion, palm up). - KC
  7. Hi all! Two shafts up for sale today. Prices are shipped, only accepting PayPal, verified address and will not ship internationally. 1. Mitsubishi Tensei Raw Blue 65x - Measures at a little over 44.25” (untipped), Ping G400 tip and Golf Pride TV Midsize logo down. $100 shipped 2. UST Mamiya VTS Tour SPX Silver 7x - Measures at a little over 41.75” (tipped 1/2"), TaylorMade tip (played in SIM), and Golf Pride TV Midsize logo down. $60 shipped Will package both shafts for $125 shipped. - KC
  8. OP, did you pay through a business account using eCheck? If so, most people wait until the funds clear to ship. Moving forward, I would suggest using personal PayPal account connected to personal banking. Seller (IMO) is 100% OK to cancel the sale given payment was NOT actually received. - KC
  9. It sucks for sure. Loved having a little side savings account for more golf stuff. Only reason why I still use eBay, bigger audience. - KC
  10. Prices are shipped, no internationally shipping and paypal address required. 1. TEE Beta E8 3/12* - Rocket launcher here! Plays at 43”, PX EvenFlow Riptide 70g 6.5, GP Z-Cord grip installed and original headcover. $85 shipped 2. TaylorMade Spider Mini Copper - Only carpet rolled. Plays at 35”, Scotty Cameron Circle T grip and comes with original headcover. $150 shipped 3. Odyssey White Hot OG #7 - Used about 15 rounds but always taken care of. Plays at 35” and comes with original headcover. $SOLD shipped
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