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  1. Moving to North Texas (McKinney) in 1 week and looking for some courses to try out. I've seen Heritage Ranch mentioned a few times. Any others worth a mention locally? - KC
  2. A month would seem appropriate. I would (as seller) refund depending on the longstanding status of the buyer on this site. I of course would contact USPS and try my very best to find a resolution prior to refund. In todays climate, that's just the nature of shipping USPS. I fully agree with the first comment. I had a situation of a package being delayed, was told by USPS its lost, i refunded and then the package showed up a week later. Thankfully the buyer kept his word. Good luck OP. - KC
  3. Looking for the below models with headcover between 38"-40". Please send pictures and price. Odyssey Tank #7 Versa Odyssey Tank Cruiser #7 Odyssey Works #7 Tank Cruiser Odyssey Works #7 Versa Tank - KC
  4. Spencer Levin and Callaway. “Took the money”...
  5. If you want to learn/understand the golf swing, McNary 100%. I have worked with him personally for several years. Mike is the nicest human and his swing is PURE. Never taken a lesson with Monte but I would also recommend based on his knowledge around the forum. Seems like a cool guy. - KC
  6. Hi WRX’ers! As title states, Titleist Vokey SM8 “head only” up for sale. $85 shipped within the great 48. Used about 10 rounds, always cleaned and taken care of.
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