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  1. Hi! Prices include shipping within the great 48. Will not ship internationally, sorry. Let me know if you have any questions. 1 - Artisan 0217 4*/71*/35”/340g; Built by John Hatfield (IYKYK) and received end of 2019. Light brush marks on the sole from use but no dings or dents. “KC” around the Artisan logo on face. Do not have original headcover but will ship protected. Let’s start at $650 shipped. Package will require signature and will be insured. Will ship in original Artisan box. 2 - Aerotech Ti-fiber Tour 70 F5 (stiff); purchased new by me and gamed a season.
  2. Hi all! Prices include shipping costs and only shipping within the great 48. First to pay gets it. 1. Tour Edge Exotics EXS 220 9.5* w/Project X HZRDUS Smoke Yellow 60 6.5-X - Plays at 45" with a midsize Z-cord grip (logo down). Very easy to swing and a fairway finder. Please note the small chip towards the toe side where the face meets the crown (went over it with black sharpie and hard to see). Including original headcover, green/yellow sunfish driver head cover along with Tour Edge wrench. Asking $200 shipped SOLD 2. "Unicorn" alert... Tour Edge Exotics E8 Be
  3. KC13

    Vokey SM7 vs SM8

    I have both. Really love my SM7s (specifically my 58.04L) but the SM8s are on par with SM7s. Haven't noticed anything different other than fresh grooves. - KC
  4. I would wait until USPS admits the package is lost before you refund. You never know with them today... I had a situation on eBay were I sold a driving iron head for $70 that was delayed by 3 weeks. Buyer reached out, I filed a find package claim and USPS replied within 3 days saying package lost and to file a claim (cut my losses being uninsured). I refunded the buyer. My package sent was a first class uninsured package, figures it would be lost however... I randomly stumbled across a BST listing were the seller had a similar name to the buyer on eBay with the ex
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