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  1. As title states, looking for a 816 H1 19* head only. Thank! - KC
  2. I hear you, just doesn’t seem ethical. They have simply shuffled some numbers around to make it seem like you’re paying less in fees when in-fact, you are not. They have taken PayPal’s model of total transaction value but applied to a much higher percentage therefore more money for eBay. Pure greed, arghhh. I would bet the government accepts this as “OK” practice given they have a new source of generating revenue by having eBay collect and document sales on its platform that previously went undocumented. - KC
  3. eBay as a platform is responsible for collecting taxes, not the seller. I do not own a business nor do I have a business license. I am simply a average user and eBay charges it fee to facilitate my sale. So while I agree to pay 12.35% and $0.30 transaction fee on the sale, I find it unethical to charge a final value fee that includes "taxes" collected from the seller and owed to the government. I'd be interested to know if taking a "cut" of collected taxes is legal? - KC
  4. Ahhh, didn't know they charged the $0.30 transaction fee. - KC
  5. 2.9% of $111.95 is $3.25. Would of been $13.75 with eBay 10% on the $104.99... difference of $0.38. I guess my point is, I find it odd they structure there fees off the total cost of the buyer ($111.95) but deduct that fee from my $104.99 total. Doing the math, its more than the 12.35% and $0.30 transaction fee. I am being penalized financially for the taxes paid by the buyer. Not sure how that works, doesn't seem right. - KC
  6. Very confused regarding my first sale on eBay with the new Payment fee structure. If anyone can explain or clarify, it would be greatly appreciated. Not getting to much help from the overseas call center... I sold a shoe bag for $101.00 and buyer is to pay a $3.99 giving me a sale total of $104.99. Buyer pays $111.95 (item price, shipping cost and added sales tax). eBay fee structure is 12.35% and a $0.30 transaction fee. My below sale summary: Order Total $104.99 Fees -$14.13 (shou
  7. Hi all! Have a few items up for sale not getting used. Prices are shipped within the great 48. First to pay gets the item. 1. TBC Driver Fore Ewe Headcover. Almost new, no stains, no rips, used on the course twice. $75 OBO 2. Sugarloaf Social Club Fairway Fore Ewe Headcover - No stains or rips. $75 OBO 3. Custom Fore Ewe Hybrid Headcover. Again, no stains or rips. $30 OBO SOLD 4. Sugarloaf Social Club Shoe Bag with SSC Shoe Horn. Used but in great condition, no rips, no stains, zippers all work. Don’t see these often and pretty rare.
  8. As stated in title, Titleist TS2 9.5 head only with adapter up for grabs. Please note the small chip were the face meets the crown. Purchased it that way and didn’t bother me as you can’t see from address. Otherwise topline is clean. Standard face/sole wear. My price is $125 shipped within the great 48. - KC
  9. I would say MORAD is a, "This is the way", concept for executing specific shot patterns but it all starts with Motor Set. - KC
  10. Exactly, but also keeping the trail wrist extension when extending the trail arm is a key part. Its not throwing the club head and losing extension as some might mistake that action to be. The "release" comes in at about P6.5. Further, trail arm extension helps with keeping the clubhead on plane and squaring the shoulders going into P6. - KC
  11. Title says it all, please send pictures and desired price. Thanks! - KC
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