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  1. Dispute the charge. No receipt from eCommerce is a big no no. - KC
  2. Looking for a New Level 1031 5 Iron head and 7 iron head. - KC
  3. Please clarify different address. Different address than what was included on your PayPal account or you requested a different address to be shipped to than what is listed on your PayPal account? Maybe @goshoxgocould clarify as well? - KC
  4. Hi all! Simple sale here. Prices are paypal'd and shipped within the great 48. Will not ship internationally. 1. The Buck Club "US Open Torrey Pines" limited release. Never used on the course and only displayed on the wall. Asking $SOLD shipped 2. The Buck Club "Collective 2021" release. Used a few times on the course, great shape and nothing of notice. Asking $SOLD shipped 3. Ping Gingerbread. Used several times on the course, again great shape and nothing of notice. Asking $30 shipped 4. Stitch Grey "USA" Hybrid headcover. Used about a season on the course with some wear but no holes. Asking $SOLD shipped *Adding* 5. Louisville Golf "Niblick" 5W. 42", Winn DriTac Copper Grip, True Temper Steel FW Shaft "Stiff" (no shaft label). Used once on the course, amazing condition. Asking $SOLD shipped - KC
  5. Hi all! New to North Texas and looking for a decent gap fitting recommendation and/or trackman rental for an hour or two. - KC
  6. Hi All! Moving on from a few gamers. All prices are paypal'd and shipped within the great 48 states. Will not ship internationally, sorry. 1. TaylorMade M6 3-wood with a Tensei Blue 70x (non-pro) measuring at 42.5". Note the scuff near the face and topline toe side. Does not include original headcover but will be shipped protected. Asking $100 shipped. 2. Titleist 816H1 19 degree hybrid with a Tensei Blue 80x (non-pro) measuring at 40.5". Normal face wear and topline clean. No original headcover but will include an aftermarket blacked-out leather Titleist cover. Asking $SOLD shipped 3. Titleist 816H1 21 degree hybrid with a Tensei Blue 80x (non-pro) measuring at 40". Little extra face wear and topline clean. Original headcover included. Asking $75 shipped 4. Tensei Raw Blue 65x with a Ping G400 adapter with graphics aligned with the big "-". Played at 45.25" in a G400 Max. Asking $SOLD shipped - KC
  7. I was leaning towards tour issue as well... everything checks out but was not sure. - KC
  8. 1. City, State? Dallas, TX 2. Handicap? 2.9 3. What is your current putter? Scotty CA Coronado or Ping Zing 4. Have you ever used a L.A.B. Golf putter? No, but always intrigued 5. Why do you want to review the MEAZZ.1 putter? See what the L.A.B. tech is all about and always looking to improve regardless of brand. 6. Do you agree to participate in an ongoing testing thread, posting reviews and photos? Absolutely!
  9. Hi fellow WRX’ers! Wondering if someone could provide insight or knowledge on this… I purchased a raw 48 degree Cleveland RTX 4 wedge from 2nd Swing. I noticed it doesn’t have the bronze coloring and the “Cleveland” lettering was painted white. Is this possibly proto/tour issue/fake? The retail versions include bronze coloring and black lettering for reference. Also, no Cleveland sticker towards the hosel or barcode on the hosel like retail versions. There is sticker residue towards the hosel though… - KC 48 degree 52 degree for reference
  10. It’s Ping’s “true roll” tech, not sure but it feels like metal to me. Soft’ish feeling off the face and I play Pro V1 for reference.
  11. Hi all! Nothing special, just a couple gamers and old school "Ping" 1-A (hence the name) up for sale. Prices include shipping within the great 48 and will not ship internationally. 1. TaylorMade M2 15 degree with a Pure'd Fujikura Speeder Evolution II 757 X headcover included - 42.75". This was my gamer for awhile but the M6 has now succeeded the M2. Has wear from 3/4 years use, skymark (thick rough battle wound) and what appears to be a imperfection/crack? near the hosel. Imperfection/crack has been there for the past two years and has not elongated nor altered performance, just being transparent. Asking $100 shipped OBO 2. Ping Karsten TR Zing with Ping Gingerbread included - 35". Played this on and off for a couple years. Lead tape on the sole for weight purposes. Asking $100 shipped OBO 3. Ping Classic 1-A Bronze Putter with Ping 1-A headcover - 35". Played around inside the house (my son loves it but he had a new putter now) and a couple rounds on the course. Asking $80 shipped OBO SOLD Thanks!
  12. Hi all! Easy sale here, all prices are shipped within the great 48 states only. Will not ship internationally. 1. Seamus TBC Collective 2020 Driver Cover $50 Shipped (Used a season, very durable material, no rips or tears) 2. TBC Collective 2021 Blade Cover $50 Shipped (Used two rounds, no rips or tears) 3. TBC Utah Jazz Playoff Special Release Blade Cover $100 Shipped (Used one round, no rips or tears) SOLD 4. TBC Collective 2021 Towel $25 Shipped (Used a few rounds, no stains, rips or tears) SOLD First to buy item #1 or #2 at full asking, I will include 20 TBC Collective Tees with BBF Co pouch.
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