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  1. Hi all! Have a few items up for sale not getting used. Prices are shipped within the great 48. First to pay gets the item. 1. TBC Driver Fore Ewe Headcover. Almost new, no stains, no rips, used on the course twice. $75 OBO 2. Sugarloaf Social Club Fairway Fore Ewe Headcover - No stains or rips. $75 OBO 3. Custom Fore Ewe Hybrid Headcover. Again, no stains or rips. $30 OBO SOLD 4. Sugarloaf Social Club Shoe Bag with SSC Shoe Horn. Used but in great condition, no rips, no stains, zippers all work. Don’t see these often and pretty rare.
  2. As stated in title, Titleist TS2 9.5 head only with adapter up for grabs. Please note the small chip were the face meets the crown. Purchased it that way and didn’t bother me as you can’t see from address. Otherwise topline is clean. Standard face/sole wear. My price is $125 shipped within the great 48. - KC
  3. I would say MORAD is a, "This is the way", concept for executing specific shot patterns but it all starts with Motor Set. - KC
  4. Exactly, but also keeping the trail wrist extension when extending the trail arm is a key part. Its not throwing the club head and losing extension as some might mistake that action to be. The "release" comes in at about P6.5. Further, trail arm extension helps with keeping the clubhead on plane and squaring the shoulders going into P6. - KC
  5. Title says it all, please send pictures and desired price. Thanks! - KC
  6. Never had any issues with them and have had at least a dozen purchases. I know they get some “tour issue” items so that could be the reason for non-standard specs; hosels, tipping, etc.
  7. I have officially written off eBay as a "seller". Greedy and awful customer service.
  8. Looking for broomstick style putters at lengths between 46” - 52”. Interested in following brands; Odyssey SeeMore Rife Scotty Cameron Ping Let me know what you got. Thanks! - KC
  9. Easy to read the “general rules” at the top of the BST listings.
  10. Hi all! Quick sale here. Prices include shipping cost in the lower 48. Will not ship internationally (that means Canada as well). First to pay gets it, will not hold so be ready to pay. 1. Titleist Vokey SM8 Chrome 46* head only - Ordered direct from Titleist, standard loft and 1 degree flat. Has about 8 rounds on it and a few range sessions. $SOLD shipped 2. Callaway Rogue SZ +3W 13.5* with PX HZRDUS Yellow 83 6.5-X - Purchased this off the BST a few months ago and going a different route. Club is in near perfec
  11. Yes, great dudes out of Carlsbad, CA. I actually purchased a single 7 iron shaft off the eBay store as a tester. An associate reached out by phone stating the shaft had a scratch (NS Pro 105 Black) and will be shipping it for free. Very nice gesturing considering I was a random eBay buyer. Subsequent to testing, I purchased the remaining set of iron shafts directly from the website. Buy with confidence and would recommend buying direct to help them with eBay fees, they will take care of you. - Kris
  12. Thanks for the insight and detailed response. What I gather is I will need to do some testing of my own but love hearing what works and doesn't work. So far, Wilson Staff looks to be a favorite from the above posts. Will def give the Duo's a try. My only concern is with the soft wood and soft ball, feel may be a bit "marshmallowy". Current irons are a Titleist 620 CB/MB combo but have some Titleist DCI 962B on my radar to pair with my Titleist Tour Model persimmons.
  13. I've heard many people having great success with Wilson Staff balls, just might be a little to soft for me. I am interested in the new Wilson Staff Tour Model ball though, might give it a try.
  14. Awesome! Currently a Pro V1 player. Will definitely give the Vice Pro Plus and Maxfli Tour a test. Thanks for the info.
  15. Hi my fellow "Classic" WRX'ers! Recently getting into playing and collecting classic persimmon drivers/woods. Wife picked these up for me off eBay as a early birthday gift; Titleist Tour Model - 1, 3 and 5 with S300's Driver - Face/Topline Any-who, looking for some suggestions, insight and/or education regarding modern golf balls and classic persimmon woods. Would a harder/softer ball make a difference in use to preserve the wood? I have heard stories regarding harder balls cracking woods. Any experience with optim
  16. KC13


    Its beyond annoying. Really not hard to let someone know you changed your mind, received a better deal or whatever excuse they have. I usually follow up once and if they "read" my message and don't respond, I delete the conversation and ignore/block. Bunch of sally's...
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