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  1. If it’s orange dots and you don’t buy send them this way, I need a backup
  2. I’m not sure, I had my first kid and have not even touched my golf clubs in a long time. When I go to my other house I’ll check and report back
  3. If this is the i500 replacement, what’s the timeline for the i210 replacement?
  4. Going to be following this thread religiously now, lol
  5. I regret getting rid of my original button back hoping to get a champions choice, I might just have to get rid of my T22
  6. I’m looking for a 34” Newport, anyone know of any retailers out there with stock?
  7. I’m coming back to this thread as well. Decided on a Hydrolite for light rain, Select LS jacket and coincidentally I was at Patagonia for something else and found the new Torrent shell rain pants a good fit. I didn’t like the FJ ones because they were way too big at the cuffs
  8. that makes it more expensive for us. Anyone want to trade a new champions choice Newport for a new T22 Newport. Lol
  9. Local Roger Dunn is trying to charge $1400 for the putter. Not trying to price shame but I think that’s a joke
  10. I been wearing these for over a year now. Very comfortable
  11. I’m looking to see how forgiving these are compared to my i210, I’m hoping to see where this stacks into the ping lineup
  12. Nah, probably not. I just did it because it was a free option, one less variable
  13. Update: my 3w came in yesterday but they made a mistake and the shaft was a rouge 80x not the 70x I ordered. I could care less because I had a shaft I wanted to put in so I just took it. Went this morning to the range and wow was I impressed. I loved the tsi2 and the sim I built was cool, but this shaft was actually not that horrible. I have an extra di7s so I put that in and pretty much performance was the same. Waiting to go on a trackman. Something about this new head design just looks and performs better for me over the g410/g410lst 3w. For craps and giggles I brought those to the range also. Same results for me. Going right back in the closet.
  14. Ordered driver and 3w at the beginning of the year. Actually ordered the 3w about a week or two before. Driver came in mid March, 3w came in yesterday
  15. So I finally got a few range sessions with my g425max. I requested for a digital loft 9.5. Weight the head and it was exactly the same as my g410lst, 198.5g without the adapter. I ordered with a ventus blue and I have a black 6x. I have to say I feel a little underwhelmed with the driver. Setting I found was draw weight, 1* flat, 1* loft up. Something about the driver I can’t put into words, maybe the ventus doesn’t work well for me and this pairing. I did prefer the black in the g425. I don’t know if it’s the shaft or the sound but I didn’t feel like it meshed together. I think the ventus blue in the g410 felt and performed way better. Waiting to try and go on a trackman soon to validate. One thing about the g425max I could tell was on off center hits it is very stable. The g410 is pretty forgiving but I can feel the the g425max head doesn’t twist at all. Looking for a tensi white 1k to try. Also finally got my 3w in yesterday. Wow, this 3w is wayyyy better than the g410/g410lst heads. I still have both those heads and I couldn’t get it dialed, but the g425max 3w is definitely for me.
  16. Hello, I’m coming in from Hawaii and going to be in Bellefontaine first week of May and was looking for a nice track to play. I did search Google but it’s deceiving to trust the pictures online. Haha. Seeing what the locals insight is. I’m willing to drive a little to play. Thanks in advance
  17. I’m still waiting for my 425 3w. I ordered at the beginning of the year and it has still yet to arrive. I was bored so I built a Sim Ti with a di7x to play with. I’m actually pretty pleased with it on the range. Haven’t yet to play with it on the course. I’m thinking of playing with another shaft for the Tsi 3w
  18. Any reason the fitter was against it? I’m not the best ball striker, I score with my wedges so I wanted to get a little help in the top of the bag. I did go check out the clubs at my lock store but they were wrapped in plastic and didn’t have any demos. Soles of the zx5 was a bit wider than my i210
  19. Thanks, I’m thinking of going with my i210 lofts right now. My other dilemma is where to change the set. I’m leaning right now zx5 4-7 zx7 8-pw
  20. I’m seriously considering these irons, for those that made a zx5/7 combo, how much did you adjust the loft on your clubs?
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