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  1. I noticed that you can't purchase the '19 PM Grind from Callaway's website any longer. Is there a new version in the works or should I stock up on a few and get them reshafted and built to my specs?
  2. I have played Modus 120S hard stepped in my irons in the past and might go back there soon. Would the Tour S be the flex to try in this shaft for my hybrid?
  3. City and State (US Only): Crofton, MD Handicap: 2.1 Current Wedges: Callaway MD4 Why do you want to try the Milled Grind 2 Wedges: my wedges are the one part of my bag that are not set and the new Taylormades look like they might work for me. I would love the chance to put them through the paces with all of the different shots. If selected, do you agree to participate in a review thread? I agree to participate and provide a detailed review.
  4. What is your handicap: 2.7 Current driver shaft and flex: Tensei Pro Orange 70S Have you tried Ventus before: Yes in the Blue 6S. Loved the feel and am actively looking for a Blue 8S for my 3 wood Choose your Ventus model (Red or Black): Black Choose your weight and flex: 7S Do you agree to participate in an ongoing testing thread, posting reviews and photos? Yes and have access to Trackman several times a week to do comparison testing.
  5. I haven't had any problems holding greens. I think the spin is a little higher than 3700 though.
  6. I did not think they were that big. The sole is almost identical to the standard apex when held side by side. The back sticks out a little. Not much offset at all. As far as the lofts, i hit the 7 side by side with my p760 6 iron which should be close and the epic forged was getting me 5 to 7 yards more carry. I just look at it like its the number plus 1. It doesn't really bother me. I don't care what club goes what distance as long as I have them covered.
  7. Steelfiber fc115 are a $60 upcharge. Confirmed directly with Callaway. I would imagine that the other graphite shafts mentioned would be a similar cost.
  8. I heard only 17 in the TS2 hybrid which seems like they are alternating the 17 between the larger profile and the smaller profile over the last several releases.
  9. I believe what I heard was 3 lofts in the U500 and 4 in the U510. Im guessing that the 1 iron (16?) is the extra loft in the 510.
  10. I didn't really look any further once I saw those 2 shafts. I believe there was some version of a tensei blue in the demo bag as well.
  11. I saw these today and thought they looked really good. They definitely have reduced the offset and they do appear to be a little more compact. I saw a full set and the 3 and 4 irons are tempting to combo with the MBs or CBs.
  12. I saw these today and thought they looked really good in person. I fought the urge to hit them since I figured if I did, I probably would have bought them. These and the MBs are the best of the new lineup.
  13. Heard the release was late August on the hybrids. I hit the TS2 today and loved it. I am still playing the 816H1 and the TS2 was giving me about 8 yds more carry in the same loft. 17 degree available in the TS2 but not the TS3. The even flow t1100 white 90HY shaft is really good as well. I didn't care for the Smoke black 90 which appears to be another one of the stock options.
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