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  1. 1) Pxg spitfire putter stability tour shaft - 34.5" , 70 lie, RH, flat cat putter grip with headcover and weight kit..........$380 shipped 2) Bobby Grace Night and Day proto regular stability shaft - 34.5", 70 lie, RH, P2 react tour grip with headcover......... $340 shipped Paypal only, message for any questions or offers.
  2. I am 1 handicap and have a 56 Cbx 2. I don’t use much around the greens. It performs great though, very consistent and spins a lot.
  3. Wanted to like t20, but the x grind w/ CALLAWAY just works better for me around the green. full shot performance between the 2 was the same for me.
  4. Kuro Kage Dual Core 70 TX, playing length 45.25", Tour velvet grip, Callaway adapter, tipped 0.5" Asking $180 shipped, paypal only, US.
  5. Srixon U85 RH 3, Recoil 95 f4 Tour velet grip, headcover included. Paypal only, asking $140 (shipping included).
  6. Does the ping CEL have 4 full length dividers?
  7. Anyone have a list of upcharge and no upcharge shaft options?
  8. Rolled one the other day and ordered it. Coming from a center shafted putter i was surprised the heel hosel worked best for me. Alignment with the spitfire just seemed so easy and i was starting putts on a much better line.
  9. Similar speed as you. I had the 105x and currently using amt tour white x100. 105x felt great, but it spun too much and had a tendency to go left for me. Amt’s have been more consistent and it brought my spin and flight down too.
  10. > @300_yard_drives said: > I use the iron speed ball because I was told if I used the driver speed ball I would tear thru the hitting mats quickly because of my speed. My friend has the driver speed ball however I used that only once the first time I ever used the speed ball and it was in the low 130s. I would say I could absolutely get my driver speed even higher but it is just impossible for me to take all intent of good contact out of the swing. My “maxed” out swings are relatively good > and consistent contact so I guess not a true max. > > As for how I play my driver. It’s not that heavy, (201g head) but I’ve screwed around with driver head and shaft weight and have found significant increases in speed when using lighter the components. 193g driver head I swing smooth and controlled close to 130mph where a 210g driver head I can’t even max out at 130 and it’s like 122 mph avg> @clevited said: > > > @300_yard_drives said: > > > Yes it helped me with speed at impact when actually hitting something. It’s not an ad or sales pitch. I paid for mine and get nothing from them selling more. He designed it so it can be used with a SSR because you don’t have to worry about ROC increasing measured swing speed. It’s the real deal and just giving credit when it is due. > > > > @clevited said: > > > > > @300_yard_drives said: > > > > > I do not have positive experience using SSG and SSR. I have always been a long hitter. When I was a freshman in high school I weighed 105lbs but could fly the ball 275 yards no problem. I was always the. Longest player in every group pretty much my either life. I started playing in Asia professionally in 2016 and led the Asian tour in driving distance that year, but due to the types of courses I was playing I stopped trying to hit far in search of more consistency and a one way miss. 18 months ago I bought SSG sticks to try and get back to where I was plus some. At that time I was around 120mph I’m controlled drives and 123 when I wanted to get a little more out of it. I had zero increase in distance using SSG sticks. This summer I got speed ball and resistance hitting device sold by tour tempo (John novosel) and since I ditched The sticks and started using his speed ball my avg and max chs has jumped big time. I can say I’m comfortably swinging mid 120s and when I rip at them I have got up to 134. These are swing speed numbers using my flightscope x3. For me having resistance at the point of impact has greatly increased my speed. The speeds I am able to achieve now are crazy high and it was almost instantly. First day using the speed ball I achieved 130mph within 1hr. I recommend you look into the speed ball and purchase one. It’s the real deal. > > > > > My avg numbers with the SSG sticks were > > > > > 145-green 156 max > > > > > 143-blue 151 max > > > > > 139-red 143 max > > > > > For people who have never learned to swing fast I can see the SSG sticks being valuable but players who already have speed or are looking to get back to what they once had I wouldn’t recommend the sticks > > > > > > > > > > Edit* I also would have some shoulder discomfort using SSG but none using the speed ball. > > > > > > @DaveMac said: > > > > > > I am one of the only users in this thread with a negative experience regarding performance from the Superspeed system. > > > > > > > > > > > > I finally took the plunge a few weeks ago and bought the swing speed radar (it is recommended as mandatory throughout this thread). The results are certainly interesting, it turns out I don’t swing the superspeed sticks all that quick (despite max effort). I know you are thinking “there’s a surprise” but what is interesting is that swings that seem slow, turn out to be faster, in some ways less is more, which goes against the max effort mantra. There is also no real linear correlation between weight and speed for me, I can hit the same peak (just about the +18% recommended) with both green and yellow (senior set). I also find using the system detrimental to my swing, I need to be mindful of not getting too much forearm rotation. > > > > > > > > > > > > I can only conclude that if your swing move is significantly inefficient (as mine obviously is) there is a chicken and the egg paradox at work, you need to learn to be able to swing quickly (efficiently) in order to use superspeed successful. > > > > > > > > > > > > I will continue to use the system armed with the actual speed information and my own sense of less is more. I might also explore the Orange Whip lightspeed as that seems to have an element of swing sequencing feedback (I have the std orange whip). > > > > > > > > > > > > Once again, from my experience Superspeed isn’t the buy it, use it, and you will improve product, it is advertised to be. I also now concur with the mandatory need for the swing speed radar, which pushes the outlay up significantly. > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > Those were some stout numbers with the ssg clubs. It would indicate you were indeed capable of swinging in the 130s the whole time. Did the speed ball teach you to have that speed at impact better? I would imagine it could do that. Ssg, as far as I see it, just helps train dormant muscles to engage and fire as fast as possible. I think it also helps show you the sequencing needed to generate the most speed you can. It does have a flaw imo, that it can hurt you since all that energy is absorbed by your body and not a ball. I have seen the speed ball and it is intriguing to me due to the flaws I see with the ssg system. Thanks for the insight. Hoping that isn't just a sales pitch lol. > > > > > > > > > > I have seen a few videos of the speed ball and how the speed measured correlates to potential driver swing speed. Did you record your average and max speed with the speed ball? If so, may I ask what they were? I am a bit of a nerd with this stuff. > > > > I find it interesting btw that your SSG numbers are so high yet your max driver doesn't quite match up. From over a dozen people I have gathered data from, the red club seems to be pretty indicative of what your potential is with a standard length driver, within about 3 mph it seems. This doesn't line up quite as nice with you. You could be an outlier, or if I were to guess, maybe you swing a shorter and heavier driver than a typical off the shelf model? > > You sold me on speedball. Going to start the program today!
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