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  1. 1) Pxg spitfire putter stability tour shaft - 34.5" , 70 lie, RH, flat cat putter grip with headcover and weight kit..........$380 shipped 2) Bobby Grace Night and Day proto regular stability shaft - 34.5", 70 lie, RH, P2 react tour grip with headcover......... $340 shipped Paypal only, message for any questions or offers.
  2. I am 1 handicap and have a 56 Cbx 2. I don’t use much around the greens. It performs great though, very consistent and spins a lot.
  3. Wanted to like t20, but the x grind w/ CALLAWAY just works better for me around the green. full shot performance between the 2 was the same for me.
  4. Kuro Kage Dual Core 70 TX, playing length 45.25", Tour velvet grip, Callaway adapter, tipped 0.5" Asking $180 shipped, paypal only, US.
  5. Srixon U85 RH 3, Recoil 95 f4 Tour velet grip, headcover included. Paypal only, asking $140 (shipping included).
  6. Does the ping CEL have 4 full length dividers?
  7. Anyone have a list of upcharge and no upcharge shaft options?
  8. Rolled one the other day and ordered it. Coming from a center shafted putter i was surprised the heel hosel worked best for me. Alignment with the spitfire just seemed so easy and i was starting putts on a much better line.
  9. Similar speed as you. I had the 105x and currently using amt tour white x100. 105x felt great, but it spun too much and had a tendency to go left for me. Amt’s have been more consistent and it brought my spin and flight down too.
  10. > @300_yard_drives said: > I use the iron speed ball because I was told if I used the driver speed ball I would tear thru the hitting mats quickly because of my speed. My friend has the driver speed ball however I used that only once the first time I ever used the speed ball and it was in the low 130s. I would say I could absolutely get my driver speed even higher but it is just impossible for me to take all intent of good contact out of the swing. My “maxed” out swings are relatively good > and consistent contact so I guess not a true max. > > As for how I play my driver
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