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  1. Went somewhere where I could try the taylormade m1 and callaway epic SZ. The taylormade had a fujikura speeder 757 evo tour spec x flex shaft in and the callaway had a aldila rouge max 75 x flex shaft in. Both felt great with the heavy weight in the back of the head but to me the feel of the taylormade changed when I slid the weight right forward while the feel of the callaway didn't with the heavy weight at the front. The callaway felt more solid at impact of the two as well. I quickly put the m1down and continued to hit plenty of shots with the epic SZ and all I can say is what a brilliant d
  2. I was fully preparred to get some stick from other forum users for posting this thread but i knew there would be other big guys like me out there with faster swings who have also had big problems with destroying clubs that would help so i was not bothered and a big thankyou to those guys for replying. It is sounding like with there jail break technology to stabilise the head and by the sound of it excellent customer service that i really need to go and try some callaway clubs instead of just sticking with everything titleist. Noticed they had a 2 year warranty instead of just 1 like titl
  3. My average 6 iron SS is 104Mph but I can get that up past 110 if I really want to get a bit more distance out of it. With driver it averages 120MPH but can get up to 130 if I really go after it. I keep constantly being told to try the callaway epic SZ stuff and even more so the taylormade M1 440 driver and M2 tour fairway woods to keep my ridiculous spin numbers down as much as possible. My current driver is the titleist 915 d3 with an aldila rip alpha 88g x-flex shaft in set at 7.75 degrees loft and I have the 915f fairway woods 15 and 18 with the same shaft in. I only ever use blades wi
  4. For the last 10 years I have been using only titleist clubs. I ended up In this position because I broke so many clubs back before I switched to titleist is was becoming a joke. I have a very fast swing with a very aggressive release at impact and I caved the face in on a taylormade driver, 2 taylormade fairway woods and a taylormade hybrid and had the heads fly off of 2 separate sets of callaway irons within a couple of months of buying them. To there credit both taylormade and callaway replaced all the broken clubs for free. Since then I have only used titleist and have never broken a thing.
  5. If that survey had have been taken from all the main tours around the world and not just the PGA Tour of America that might be a valid argument. Alas it wasn't so it isn't.
  6. Take a listen to spieth's winners speech where he mentions which is the biggest championship with the most coverted trophy in golf and then try coming back and telling me the masters is a bigger championship when even your best American player says that your wrong. Also go and ask Phil which is his most prized major win. The only golfers that would say the masters is a bigger championship than the open are ones that have to much of a one dimensional and unimaginative game to ever win the claret jug so are incomplete poor golfers.
  7. I'm British and love my American brothers across the pond but I can't believe how many of you are deluded enough to think the biggest championship in golf is a limited field invitational event that is staged at the same place every year and in some ways shows the bad elitist side of golf to the world. Don't get me wrong I love watching the masters and it looks great on tv on a cold spring evening here in the uk but your biggest championship in America is the US open despite a bad couple of years in 2015 and 2016 so this would be a much better debate if it was which of the two opens is the bigg
  8. For as long as I can remember I have placed all of my custom fit orders for golf clubs with titleist because I had alway's rated them as having the best build quality in the buiseness but over the last couple of years especially I have had several problems with orders and sometimes there customer services have been less than helpful. Is this now standard practice for all manufacturers for build quality and getting custom fit orders right or are there other manufacturers that people would recommend as better than titleist for build quality and custom fit orders.
  9. You online and armchair rule police are PATHETIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. The decision of the referee that is walking with the game should be final whether it was right or wrong and it should never go any further than that. If he gets it wrong then discipline him after the game has finished. If it is that hard a decision then consult with the host broadcaster there and then so the disruption to the flow of play is minimal. The US Open yesterday was a complete joke. And people are wondering why golf participation numbers are dropping. With the farce that happened yesterday is it any wonder non
  10. Been using titleist mb irons mostly since selling my mp 37 blades with one go with a set callaway rzr x mb irons. All very good clubs but my bag somehow just doesn't look right without a set of mizuno sat blades in there. Have been looking at getting a combo set of mp5 in a 4,5 and mp4 in a 6,7,8,9,pw with kbs c taper x-flex shafts.
  11. I miss my old mizuno mp37 blades. Sold them a few years ago and have owned many other blades since. Still think about them now when playing sometimes. biggest mistake of my golfing life selling those. The ones that got away.
  12. If you were a tour player on one of the world's main tours using equipment and apparall you loved and was then offered much more money to change and use other stuff with the catch being it was with a company you didn't really like what would you do?.
  13. To me it has an effect on how nice an iron feels when out for a round instead of down the range on the practice mats.
  14. Well I hated the last few sets of nike blades especially there current vapour pro blades. Thought there leading edge was to sharp and needed grinding down more. Just my opinion though.
  15. The last 3 sets of callaway blades or something from the titleist 714 or 716 range would get my vote. Was also very impressed with mizuno mp4 and mp5 irons.
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