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  1. 1. Used MP-32 set 4-P with Dynamic Gold S300 shafts. They are 2 deg flat and 1 deg weak. Decent shape for their age. Wear, but no outright browning, 8 iron has the most wear. Scuff on the sole of the 6 iron but does not affect play. I stripped the paint fill and replaced it earlier this year. Played half a season with the TX1 grips on the clubs (they look a little dirty, but have tons of life left). They were put on with air, so they can come right off, too. SOLD! 2. Golf Pride Victory Grips in mint shape. 7 grips total. Played maybe 3 nine hole rounds before removing
  2. I have an M3 3HL that turned down to 19*. I love it off the tee, but off the deck leaves alot to be desired. I tried the Cobra fairways over the years, but they tended to produce super strong snap hooks. I still bust out a TM V Steel. Nother cuts through the turf like that one. I might try the new SIM to get that sole back. Goodluck with the search.
  3. As a golfer, Pinehurst is awesome. There are lots of courses on the property that you could sneak out for an afternoon round with your wife and not get paired up. For example, my buddy and I played No. 2 early in the morning, grabbed lunch and replayed No. 5 in the afternoon and didn't really see another group for half the round and never waited. As far as lots to do outside of golf, that's a little tougher but all about what you wanna do. If your wife is ok with wandering around a quaint downtown for morning/early afternoon then sure, there's plenty. My wife is cool just reading a book,
  4. Woah. Count me impressed. Those CLK hybrids look awesome.
  5. No question my numbers are the best with the ZStar XV. I loved the B330, too, but ZStar XV has provided the most consistent results. M y Golf Sp y has a really good article about golf ball testing and how you should not just go for "feel" and rather get numbers from you golf ball. That's why I've gravitated away from softer tour models to the XV (or ProV1x, B330 or TP5x). The Zstar XV i can get for around $27/box during sales, so there is no reason not to play it since performance is better and cost is WAY better.
  6. Simple, hit them in the simulator and distance gap for yourself. I personally hit a 19* 5 wood much further than a 19* hybrid or 3-iron. So, its all about the gapping and knowing how far you hit them is key. I stopped carrying a true 3-wood a while ago because the 16.5* 4 wood was much more versatile and gapped well between my driver.
  7. I would use temp lead tape and wait for someone to come up with a weight for it. I had the 2017 M2 with a heavier weight to accommodate my shorter shaft, but I plan on lead tape on the bottom until someone makes a heavy weight for the SIM Max. My number jump with the SIM Max was astounding, btw. They weren't just a little jump, it was unreal the extra 15 yards of carry I was getting. Last year swing topped at 105 and this year with little to no warm up or range time since 2019, I was swinging the SIM Max 111 and couldn't get the M2 to get anywhere near that when side-by-side. The 2017 M2 i
  8. Normally I agree with this statement. I played the TM Jetspeed (super underrated club), 2016 M1 and 2017 M2. I broke my M1 and Taylormade replaced it with an M3, but man did I hate that driver. So, the Jetspeed through the M2/M3 I saw no real performance boost in all my testing. In fact, I thought I was pretty optimally fit in my M2, but yesterday I got on the simulator and hit the SIM Max next to my M2 and the numbers don't lie. I thought it was a joke. Mis-hits were flying super far and center hits were carrying 15 yards further. I'm not saying this is typical with all new drivers (in
  9. I just upgraded on the spot after hitting the SIM Max. I was playing the 2017 M2 driver and thought that it was good enough, but when switching to the SIM the uptick in carry distance and reduction in roll was eye popping. I was carrying 15 yds on average more and off center hits were unbelievable. I have never purchased a new driver before yesterday, but I can't say enough good things about the SIM Max. For reference, my swing speed last year was around 105 mph and the SIM Max was yielding 111 mph.
  10. Mizuno MP-32s (4-PW) - $150 Testors Model Paint - $10 Acetone - $4 Kids Paint - $5 Total - $170 From the other famous Japanese forging company. I picked these up here last year and take the small set out when I play with my son (he's 6) at our local executive course. Saved serious cash and the kids paint was free since my kids wanted me to paint with them today.
  11. Just one set of iron shafts tonight. $120 shipped. Nippon Modus3 Tour120 Stiff Flex. Its a 3-GW set. Lengths are shown for the 3 iron, Pitching Wedge and Gap wedge. 3-PW steps down by 1/2" but the gap wedge is 3/4" shorter than the PW. These are in great shape - graphics are awesome, tips prepped and tape on for your blown on grips on every shaft except the GW. I had every intention on gaming these, except I didn't realize the 120 bend profile is signficantly different than the 125/105 profile. Got fit and went with a different shaft set. Trades would be for 3 wedge shafts Project X o
  12. Is anyone else having issues with Firefox and images on the new skin? I cannot view anything unless I open in Chrome. See screen shot below: I am using 64-bit firefox on a windows 10 machine.
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