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  1. If it was 9*, @Matzi would be breaking out the check book for his boy... Great seller here. GLWS
  2. Title says it. Not picky on finish, would prefer black but not required. S400 is a must. Would entertain Zipcore offers, but prefer RTX4 with S400.
  3. I'd be willing to take that TSi 8* head off your hands if you had a buyer for the shaft...
  4. I am a mid speed (108ish), high ball hitter and I am in the market for an 8* driver head, but I would like the more forgiving/higher spin head. I already spin it too low, so getting a TSi3 or regular SIM/SIM2 isnt preferred. Does the SIM2 Max exist? I know G425 MAX 8* doesnt exist, but does any of the "more forgiving" drivers come in 8*?
  5. Okay yeah, thought so. In the market for SIM 2 MAX and glad I looked at the pic and didnt just listen to the title/post.
  6. What he said. I have an Android phone and the shot detection is kinda poopy. I borrowed an iPhone for a couple rounds and EVERYTHING is better. The app, shot detection, the way everything syncs, GPS, its all so much better on iOS. I dont have the shot link personally, but this bundle here is the bees knees. Yes, you still need the subscription. You will have to check with support, maybe the OP knows, but you get a certain amount of months for free when you first sign up. If you buy from Arccos, its a year for free. Then every other year after, its $99 a year.
  7. I think youre exactly right. Check out the pic of the lower part of the grip...Theres clearly a gap there.
  8. I think this is what I will eventually do. I am hoping with another 12 hours or so of dry time, they will set a little better. If not, I will have to try and inject a little solvent into the grips to save them as I dont think they will be able to be completely removed without some help.
  9. Small tid bit before continuing, I have been regripping my own, friends, family etc clubs for about 20 years, never really have had any issues before... So my future father in law gave me his sticks to regrip this year. Its been like 8 years since hes regripped them and he plays a lot (for upstate NY where we can only play about 6 months out of the year). These suckers were BALD. I redo mine every spring, the usual complaining to myself about getting off old tape is the extent of the issues I have. With this set though, everything went fine until I got to his woods. Now he plays al
  10. I believe its past 3/12/2021. Why arent they showing up at retailers?
  11. Definitely looking like Greyson to me. Can't confirm though.
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