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  1. I also had a Garmin watch that worked great for golf. Once I signed up for Arccos though, I got rid of it and got a Galaxy Watch 3. I just wanted all 1 system and on the watch, it gives you the "Arccos Caddy", which I never used, but it suggest a club based on your previous rounds. What it is great for though is the "plays as" yardages as well as the true yardages. It accounted for wind, temperature, slope etc and spit out just 1 adjusted number...front back and middle. I found it to be VERY accurate and really trusted it. But as my post above states, thats when the whole thing works. Which was far less often than it should have so I have moved on.
  2. I have had a Galaxy phone and Galaxy Watch for the last couple years and also bought into Arccos. Started with the Galaxy S20 and now the S21, same Galaxy Watch 3 (running Tizen not the new WearOS) since the day of release. When the app works on the phone and the watch, the whole system is great. Its super accurate at detecting shots (as long as your phone is in your pocket or you have the Arccos Link device, which I do not). The problem is, it doesnt always work. When it doesnt, USUALLY a reboot of the phone and watch clears it up, but even that is annoying. I do not want to be fumbling around with my watch and phone when I am playing golf. There have been multiple times where reboots dont even work, though. Then you get into it with support and they basically take you thru the dumb troubleshooting steps that you've already done and if it still doesnt work, they recommend factory resetting. Which is asinine to request. Support has also come out and said to me that the app is built on the iOS platform and essentially ported over to Android. Sometimes GPS doesnt work in the Arccos app so it doesnt show distances on the watch, sometimes its fine on the phone but you watch still isnt showing yardages. It is honestly a mess. I have a friend who also got it and has a Galaxy Note 20 and a Samung Galaxy Watch Active and the whole system works like 10 percent of the time. He is constantly fiddling around to try and get everything to work and it often misses shots even with the phone in his pocket. When it works, its fantastic. The amount of data you can pull from it is a geeks dream. But it just seems like everything about it is janky as hell. Too many moving parts and when the app isnt built for the Android ecosystem, it just gets messy. I am not renewing this year and I have moved on to the Precision Pro R1 rangefinder (for the weather elements/GPS and yardages). I will also manually upload my scores into TheGrint for some data after the round.
  3. I mean, duh! Look at it! You should know by now it's a ferrule. Duh! /s (I have no idea either)
  4. I am clear on the other side of the country hahaha. I went to Victor, NY location (outside of Rochester) I went on the 15th of January, the day they got the new Mizuno heads. I tried, a couple Oban shafts, Modus 115 and 120, $ Taper, Tour Issue S400 and then what I settled on, PX LZ 6.0. Everything for me was a** other than the S400 and the LZ 6.0. Kinda polar opposite shafts, but I have gamed S300 my whole life and they randomly didnt have them so I tried S400 and they were great. Apparently I can't spin a 6 iron for s*** and the LZ helped a bit so we went with that. I have a Mevo and my best friend has the Launch Pro/GC3 and I guess I never realized my spin was so low on all my irons. The fitting was on Trackman with the RCT balls (eventually switched to my Tour B XS gamer for even more spin).
  5. Absolutely agree. And it is hard to get an answer since nobody is really doing in depth reviews yet. Most YouTubers that get the sets have already moved on to review something else or they only post content with their gamers. They pretty much make the initial reviews and move on.
  6. Good to know, thanks. I have a stock order but it is thru Club Champion so who knows when I will get them.
  7. 919 Forged 4 thru 6 and 919 Tour 7 thru PW. I catch fliers often with the Forged, almost never with my Tours. It was worse last year with how wet it was here, it was like a boost pad from Mario cart for my long irons. I have never airmailed so many greens in my life. MP64 is my favorite of all time. Similar to the Tours, never caught those hot rockets.
  8. This was 100% my main concern when getting fit a few weeks ago. It was the first time I've ever gotten fit and the reason I wanted to get rid of my 919 Forged. My 4 iron can go 210 but it can also go 185. My 6 iron can go 195 or 175. I can't have that. It's almost impossible to see 8f you can catch fliers off a mat, but with the style of club vs something like a 919 Forged or 919 HMP like the other guy on here, you definitely won't catch as many hot fliers.
  9. 223 is more compact. Or seems it. I'm not sure actual measurements, but I know Mizuno did some beveled trickery for the top line. Honestly, as a 10+ handicap with 919 HMPs, you may be better fit for the 225s but it's your personal preference. I'm a 0 handicap and pulling the trigger on the 223 was scary to me. I've never really owned a players iron thru the whole set.
  10. I know you kind of already got your answer but I'll chime in. I hit the ZX7, T100, Miura TC201 and the 223. I'll stick to just ZX7 and 223. To echo what others have said, the ZX7 do feel nice, but it's just not the same soft yet explosive feel of the 223. I've owned a lot of irons, a lot of Mizuno's. 223 are very unique. They have your typical Mizuno soft feel but the ball just rockets off them like nothing I've ever hit before. Softest Mizuno I've ever hit, MP64 "Least soft" Mizuno I've ever hit, MP15 or MP25 The ZX7 to me is more like some of the "less soft" Mizuno's I've hit. Definitely not harsh by any means, but not that same Mizuno feel we all know and love.
  11. Got it, thanks. I have a gap between PW and my 50. PW is 130-135 @ 46 degrees but my 50 degree is only 115. I was almost talked into the 223 GW when I ordered but said no. Kind of kicking myself for not doing it. Seems like I've always hit iron set GWs a little further for whatever reason
  12. Just curious as my numbers are very similar, what's the gap like from PW to your next wedge? What is your next wedge?
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