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  1. That is exactly why I said "there are other factors." I know how golf works . I just didnt feel like explaining that people have personal preferences on feel, everyone delivers the club differently, different spins, dynamic loft, tempo etc. We all know these things. I am just pointing out that its interesting to see that MOST of the time (not ALL the time) 280-300 yard drives fall into a range of those swing speeds which CAN be stiff flex players, but I spend a lot of time on the BST and most of the hoss' on there are swinging X stiff right to the wedges. I also think people are s
  2. I found this EXTREMELY intriguing. Must be not many are voting, but the BST is primarily X stiff stuff. I find it quite hard to find flexes in stiff for myself, yet the majority are less than 300 according to this vote, which would usually be stiff...Obviously there are other factors, but 280-300 would be about 105-110 swing speed which usually falls under stiff flex
  3. Local fitter got his in, went over there and hit for about an hour. I currently game 4-6 919 Forged, 7-PW 919 Tour, lofts are 4 iron 21* thru PW at 45*, which is the same exact lofts that the new 921 Forged. I play to a 1.8 index right now. I started with my own 919 Tour 7 iron (so its 31*). He has a Flightscope XI Tour, it had my 7 iron carrying 170ish, give or take a yard or 2. I am able to control trajectory wonderfully with my Tours and was working it high low and both ways. the 170 yards is true to real life course conditions. Move to my 6 iron, 919 Forged (27*) and it was goi
  4. Great price here, wont last long. First pic make me cringe a little bit, I will say. Livin life close to the hosel. GLWS
  5. One thing I always loved about Titleist woods was that the top was free of "garbage". Very traditional in colors, shape and appearance. That ends with the TSi, to me. That TSi branding as an alignment aid is as bad as anything I have ever seen. Keep the arrow!
  6. I mean...it's Gmail? There's definitely something still going on with email notifications. Another user who I saw at the course today is also having issues.
  7. Started a PM thread with another user and missed his messages because I'm still not being notified via email. The email toggle is on, I retoggled it to see if that would work. We'll see. I have [email protected] whitelisted, nothing sitting in spam either.
  8. Youre right, the G400 had a regular model then I believe it was months later, they released the Max. G410 on had Plus, LST and SFT. Plus was the "regular" model, I guess you could say.
  9. Curious if its a new adapter?
  10. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LKN9rUuY2pAGreat watch/listen.
  11. I am allllll over the place. Ping driver, 3w and hybrid Taylormade 5 wood Mizuno irons Cleveland wedges Odyssey (Callaway) putter Bridgestone ball Sun Mountain bag Cliqgear cart
  12. The day he made the change, he was 1st strokes gained putting. I am not sure about the other day(s) though.
  13. Matt and Ian at TXG just answered a question about the new JPX line, said Aug 24th release. Is that confirmed here?
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