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  1. Hit the back button on the browser and ignore the ad? People can list at whatever price they feel fit, this is a strange request.
  2. It's not being prude, it's being respectful and mature. I cringe when I see people doing asinine things with golf carts; I learned very early into golf that carts are extremely dangerous and you can be seriously injured.
  3. Not to mention, but I feel like most of it is started by the media. Similar to the Phil and Tiger "beef" that wasnt all that serious, but the media led us to believe those two absolutely hated each other.
  4. who the hell spends 895 dollars on a polo?
  5. Let me know when you find the cure; I've had them for about 4 years now!
  6. I think the initial fitting helps and creates a baseline for you going forward. As long as you understand what you were fit for and why, you can then go on and tinker on your own because you know what specs you should be using.
  7. Whats the best type of broom for this? Metal or wood shaft? What type of bristles?
  8. What does your range session look like right now? I used to be someone who would just go out and beat a ton of balls; now, not so much. I no longer empty the bucket into the side caddy at the range/dump it out on the grass and instead, hand pick them out one by one which helps take some time and results in a less rushed practice. If i start to feel winded or tired, ill step away and take a break. Do you feel pain, or just soreness? If I just feel sore, Ill continue and maybe switch from full shots to other types of shots and/or work on my pitch shots. If I feel pain, I will stop and head to the putting green unless that is painful as well.
  9. I'm at that point now; new clubs are expensive and the data shows not much changes. We, as club junkies and golf fanatics, just love new shiny things; all hobbies are like that. Im personally looking here and ebay more for used equipment because its so much cheaper and at the end of the day, the newest item is most likely not much better if better at all. At this point, major funds for me go towards lessons or golf trips.
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