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  1. Exactly. Something smells fishy here, and the first thing i noticed on the disputers pictures, were those scratches that I couldnt see in the sellers pictures. Its like the disputer tried to buff the club or something. This is also a cautionary tale, careful calling anything mint or giving any sort of scale. I've learned from many of these threads in the BST, just list the object, the price and let your pictures do the talking. Giving it any grade or calling it mint, is almost setting yourself up for a dispute loss each and every time.
  2. I wouldnt F&F this guy after all of this. Tread lightly OP
  3. OP: what would make a cast blade easier to hit than a forged? That doesnt make much sense to me.
  4. This is always a touchy subject and its something I have gone through recently with a group. A high school friend of mine who I play with has to be one of the slowest guys I have ever seen and usually with folks like this, they are the first to complain about slow play. The guy would wait until everyone putts to make his read, stands over the ball for what seems like an eternity and it just overall slow as can be. Yet, this same player is super rattled whenever someone is right behind us and I always laugh it off because I have been telling him hes slow for the longest time. Its just like a ba
  5. Just beautiful! The shape, the face milling, the color. Love it!
  6. I was asking myself why on earth isnt this a thing yet, this is awesome to see.
  7. I am just pleased by not only the response to the article, but to the thread itself. You always think its just you, but there really are others out there going through the same things.
  8. Can you elaborate on this more please
  9. 468 yards #18 at Reflection Bay. Its a severe down hill but I caught the very top of the downhill and hit hard, shooting my ball forward more than others. The hole was playing ~530 that day and there was a slight right to left breeze. It was insane.
  10. Man there are some beauts in here. Only thing I dislike about ping clubs are the collared ferrules, really limits your custom options
  11. Well I will eat my crow and say, shame on me for jumping to any conclusions. Hope the big cat can recover quickly.
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