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  1. First time there? Probably not. Everything I have read and heard, the TV cameras do not do the place justice. The odd angles and angulations throughout really test a players skill.
  2. I really try to like this guy, but he makes it so difficult: This guy would fail miserably if he had to play 20 years ago.
  3. i still pull out the metal spikes here and there in arizona and palm springs courses.
  4. Why does Xander go to the drop zone? Didnt his ball hit on the other side and fall back in?
  5. I do this same move and for me its to stop me from going way to inside on the takeaway; gets my brain to see and feel the slot and then i just swing away.
  6. Has Rory always been a putt-roid? I didnt watch him much in his "younger" days.
  7. Really the only grips I ever had "issues" with were the PURE grips, because they are installed via Air and I dont use any wraps with them. I mean, if youre holding the club that far up, then ya the sensors wont work (really any of the sensors on the market) because its not meant to be held/support of your club. Cant really fix that one. I have had grips wear out or the hole seemed to be loose, Id either use tape if the grip still had some wear or just replace the grip. I mean, the tape was done once and I never thought about it again.
  8. I just added mine back onto my clubs, games been feeling better so I dont have to worry about so many corrects (I really do hate the mulligan algorithm built-in, I'd rather the system register too many shots, than too little). Im tempted to wipe all of my stats and start fresh, but well see. I still wish there was the social media aspect, like game golf, with challenges and things like that.
  9. Part of the issue is PURE Grips dont use tape (for the most part) so the sensors dont have anything to really grab and stay seated. What I did was use a slim piece of electrical tape to keep it snug on the grip. I did that for over a year and didnt have any issues with it.
  10. I dont know... why would you care what butter thinks?
  11. I know its a sarcastic response, but Filets are one or the most over hyped cuts of meat. Almost zero flavor, find a good butcher and ask them what cut theyd take home and none will ever say a filet. Filets get the ohhhhhs and ahhhhhs because its really tender.
  12. Obviously this is on the shipping company, but I cringe seeing a shaft like that free floating in a box. I had a few shafts delivered just like that the other day and was surprised they werent messed up, lucky I guess, however it would make sense when shipping a shaft to put the shafts into PVC pipe, then into the box. Clearly I cannot read and did not see the above comment, whoops.
  13. No. 100/100 times i would put my money on Ko. She'd wipe the floor with you.
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