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  1. I dont believe he is working with GG anymore
  2. No expert, but why cant you see JPX 919 at all in the first picture? That is strange, also the 7 stamping looks weird. If you look here, https://www.2ndswing.com/pv-1909469070-mizuno-jpx-919-tour-iron-set-3-pw-dynamic-gold-120-s300-steel-stiff-right-handed-3825in.aspx, you see that all the clubs say JPX 919 on them
  3. It says it comes with a COA, strangely enough they dont include pictures of the COA. My first step would be to contact them and ask them to provide pictures of the COA, if they are hesitant or give any pushback, something isnt right. The stitching looks a little sloppy, notice 'use' has connecting threads which is usually one sign of a fake and if you look at 'tour' the o and u have a connecting thread as does the n and l on 'only.'
  4. In the recent video, is he teaching a sway?
  5. PEDs arent just about mass, many athletes are taking them to recover and stay healthy which allows them to continue training when the other guy has to call it quits.
  6. So cringe. Scheduling your own test, that you know is coming, doesnt really prove much.
  7. You could probably make your money back after some years of renting it out as well; I know around me in SoCal its hard to find anyone that will rent you a trackman for an hour or so to gap test and dial in yardages.
  8. That I took it for granted and I now appreciate more than ever. I caught covid in the middle of september and went to hit balls for the first time today because I finally felt good enough to do some physical activity. Man did I miss that sound, being outside, smelling the air and grass. This game really is magical and I can't wait to play 18.
  9. Something, something, get off my lawn.... yawn. So, when "hitting bombs" becomes the norm due to increase athletic ability; should they just not swing to their full potential to fit what you want to see? The great thing about golf is it takes an all around game, you cant just bomb and gouge your way to victory. You still need to be able to chipp and putt. The reason Bryson gets so much attention, as do bombs, is because its all new to this game. Hitting it 400+ yards is Happy Gilmore-esque.
  10. How plastered is Phil? Hahahaha i cant tell if hes seriously asking Bryson this stuff or jokingly doing it hahaha
  11. This type of setup has always been somewhat of a dream of mine, a mix of various oems, even on the irons, of clubs that just "work." My dad has kept a lot of random irons and I began keeping various irons from previous sets of mine that I always liked, or hit well. I really liked Langers setup before he was sponsored again, talk about a Frankenstein bag.
  12. The sub is only for the Caddie feature which I found to be pretty useless to be honest.
  13. Bryson, he at least seems like hed have fun with a fan or doing something like this. Brooks just doesnt seem like the bro who would want to do something like this.
  14. thats a steal at 90 bucks, looks like its in great condition.
  15. I walk up and I pray. I think think about how much I dont want to blade this, or jab my club right into the grass, and pray some more.
  16. at one point i had heard the yellow balls were not exactly the same as their counterparts; something about how the outer shell is made and the materials are different in some ways. Is this still true?
  17. To be fair, there's a ton of instruction/theories from the "good ole days" that have been debunked by science and analytics.
  18. I think the only thing you really can try, is to take pictures pictures pictures and more pictures of the product and the packaging. That way, if you were to receive an email from PayPal stating the buy contested the item, you can provide your pictures and hope they side with you.
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