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  1. Doesn't matter how you get it there, as long as the ball goes where you want it to. At least this is what I tell myself every time I skull my 4-iron across the ground 180 yards.
  2. Greetings, all. I'm spending the next six months in the Brighton area, and am looking for a year round/heated outdoor range where I can practice for the next few months. I know there's a Top Golf in Centennial, as well as a heated double decker range close by that which I think is part of a muni. Centennial is a 40ish minute drive one way for me though, so I'm hoping to find something a little bit closer. Any advice would be appreciated.
  3. Who is guilty of starting them or escalating them? Share your stories. I was hitting some balls the other day, just going about my business, when this guy sets up a couple stalls down from me. You can tell he's scratch or at least damn close given the way he was swinging the club. I'm nowhere near as good as this guy, but am no pushover either. I was hitting it pretty good that afternoon, 285ish carry with the driver, and I had my wedges dialed in as well. I can feel this guy staring me down as I hit. You guys know what I mean, that feeling you get in the back of your neck when you're be
  4. Good for John. Good for the Tour.
  5. I'd probably buy out Vice and expand their product line into clothing and shoes. I think there's a lot of potential in the brand.
  6. I'm a huge, huge fan of Hurley shorts. http://store.nike.com/us/en_us/pw/mens-hurley-casual-shorts/7puZnsuZpo5 Perfect length, high quality, and you can often find them on sale on Nike's website. I usually pair them with a Nike Golf or UA graphic tee at the range. I wouldn't necessarily recommend wearing them to a "fancy" course, but they can even be paired with a polo if you're hacking around a muni. They are the best balance I've found between "golf shorts" and "casual shorts".
  7. Does anyone know how glove sizing works in Japan? Is there any deviation from US sizing? I'm looking at some unique gloves from Japan, and they have the standard sizes I'm used to listed (S, M, L, XL), I'm just curious if a US M = Japan M.
  8. Are people seriously just finding out that Tiger is a weird dude?
  9. http://www.vicegolf.com/us2/vice-golf-force-bag-neongrey I like them (especially the grey and green), but a little iffy about the $250 price tag. I assume it's a rebrand of a current bag on the market? Can anyone confirm?
  10. Is it weird that Tmag and Bridgestone aren't doing backflips in public over the fact that Tiger is gaming their equipment? Checked their respective Twitter accounts, and no mention of it. Is it some weird endorsement law that they can't mention people who they aren't paying?
  11. I would think she's got to be worth twice what they are paying their current LPGA staffers.
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