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  1. Rh I 400 5-PW, steel shaft, no X flex in better than average condition.
  2. Knees pressed together was a big Jimmy Ballard principle
  3. Ping G425 irons, 5-PW. Recoil 110 stiff shafts (about $25/club up charge), orange dot, standard length, MCC Plus 4 Align standard grips. Everything original from the Ping factory. Used 6 months, I’m the original owner. $629 shipped UPS ground to the lower 48. Not looking for any trades ….
  4. In good shape 5-pw whatcha got?
  5. It’s some kind of rod to hold your I Phone to shoot videos. Anyone know what it is called and where you can find one ? Thanks!
  6. Moved onto a new house and will have no cable until tomorrow. Keep trying to watch the Senior Open on the app but the video won’t load. Anyone know what that’s all about ?
  7. Callaway issued this during the 2020 PGA. Looking for a mallet version…. Whatcha got?
  8. Having some issues with my toes when walking. Any input on the best shoes for guys with big/wide feet ? My podiatrist says Under Armour or Nike.....any other brands good for walking the course?
  9. Heard on a podcast that the Rifle shafts were back, but can't find any info on them. Anyone have any info on them?
  10. Ping Tour "R" flex driver shaft, standard length, Tour Wrap red standard size grip. 410/425 tip. What I'd like to do is swap this shaft even up for a G425 Alta CB shaft in stiff flex. Since the rules of the forum require a selling price, $90 shipped USPS to the lower 48. Can we help each other ?
  11. Ping G 410 LST, 10.5 loft, standard length, standard red Tour Wrap grip. Tour 65 "R" flex shaft. Used one season moderate wear. Includes head cover. SOLD shipped UPS ground to the lower 48 states.
  12. They are at $699 did you want them ?
  13. Ping I 500, 4-PW, Dynamic Gold 105 R shaft, standard length, black dot, Tour Velvet standard grip. Played 18 holes and about 25 practice balls with mainly the PW. $699 shipped UPS ground to the lower 48 states.
  14. Not sure .....due to Covid they can't conduct an autopsy for 2 more days
  15. Many of you knew of or knew Bill Abrams from this forum's discussions of Jimmy Ballard. Yesterday news reached me of Bill's untimely passing. Bill was a great teacher. He was Teacher of the Year and Golf Professional of the year in the Illinois section. He was an expert in club fitting as well leading several seminars in that area for PGA Magazine and UST Golf Shafts. As excellent he was as a teacher, he was a much better man. In my 61 years of life I have met few men with his character and sense of honor. He was a caring, kind man who loved his students, friends and fa
  16. 1 set of KBS C Taper Lite pulls, 5-PW. Pulled from a set of Callaway Apex MB Raw, standard length, Regular flex, Tour Velvet Align standard grips. All work original from the Callaway Tour department. SOLD shipped USPS Mail to the lower 48 states.
  17. Ping G 410 irons, 5-PW. KBS Tour S shaft, +1/2, white dot, Tour Velvet mid sized grip. SOLD! Possible trade interests ......I 210, in stiff or regular flex.
  18. 19 Apex MB raw, 5-PW, KBS C Taper Lite shafts, Reg flex, standard length and lie. Tour Velvet Align standard grips. Clubs all original from the Callaway Tour truck and were my staff set. Used 10 rounds and about 25 range balls hit with the 8-iron. No trades looking for cash only! Would consider selling the heads only SOLD shipped to lower 48 states UPS Ground
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