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  1. You serious? I AM AUSTRIAN. And we have German names and Croatian names and Serbian names and Czech names and Slovenian names and Turkish names and Italian names in my country. Wíesberger happens to be a German name, like Schwarzenegger, both are (were) Austrians. My own name is a Croatian name. I am Austrian. Lukas Nemecz (Austrian player on the European Challenge Tour) has a Czech name. He is Austrian. The Austrian President's name is Van der Bellen. That's a Dutch name. He is Austrian. Can you grasp the difference between the language, from which a name comes and the nationality of the person?
  2. So am I. Which might be the reason I am aware of the fact that the language spoken by 90 % of Austrians as their mother tongue is in fact German. And Wiesberger is a German name. Just like Spieth. Or Schauffele. Or Berger.
  3. It's easy. Wikipedia. Copy and paste.
  4. So true. And for so many of them, the decline started, when they tried to play mostly on the PGA Tour in the US.
  5. I also do not see a problem with the picks. I see the problem that too many players had automatically qualified on points they had won more than half a year ago and were completely out of form, when the Ryder Cup came around.
  6. Perhaps people who write things in public should learn spelling. Or at least correctly reproducing what they have read hundreds of times.
  7. Harrington was correct, you know. To win 9 points with that abysmal kind of putting means that they are very good ball-strikers. Back to topic: In the case of Tiger Woods, I don't think that his amount of success can be an argument for his ball-striking ability. Many of his wins came from insane chipping and making every 25-foot putt he looked at. Most impressive I have seen, while following golf intensely since about 1985: Collin Morikawa. It used to be Sergio Garcia, and before that Greg Norman tied with Nick Price tied with NIck Faldo.
  8. Bryson switches from driver to 3-wood on the 6th tee. Fans boo. Bryson says "Don't worry, I'm still going for the green." How can you not like that?
  9. I agree with the first sentence, but not with the last. But the biggest problem was the long qualification window, which meant that we had at least five players on the team who have not played anything like their best (at least not consistently) for at least half a year.
  10. They did the same thing for EURO2020 (the European Footbal Championship). UEFA even gave environmental reasons, which kind of makes sense. They said that they did not want all the cups and flags and posters etc etc to be thrown away.
  11. I have asked before and I'll ask again: Why is it so difficult to get the "i" and the "e" in the correct order in German names? More common example would be "Speith". when it is actually "Spieth".
  12. Could be, but I would be shocked.
  13. He is Slovakian, so he has a European passport anyway.
  14. If number 40 ever makes it into the pro ranks, I'll go berserk, when I read "Stinelechner" or "Stienleckner" here for the first time.
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