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  1. I’m on the bandwagon that says @BettinardiGolfneeds more lefty options. I was hopeful this would be the year for a lefty BB8w but instead they won’t get a sale from me. I’m not being a sore loser, I’m just a fan and would love to bag one!
  2. If you want your clubs to stay like new, keep them clean and in covers. I do because I like nice things. My buddies don’t want to use them and don’t mind if their clubs get banged around. Everyone wins.
  3. Yes a little firm/clicky compared to several other recent forged sets (ZX7, Cobra Forged CB/MB). These maintain very good speed and flight on toe misses, where I seem to miss more often. They aren’t unpleasant, but I do prefer the buttery feel of others more.
  4. @badandbogeysaid it perfectly. I moved from ZX7 to T100s. I wanted the Srixons to work for me but the sole doesn’t work for my slightly shallow swing on firmer turf of western CO. The T100s are a much better fit for me and I’m hitting the middle of the face way more as opposed to low on the ZX7 face. I don’t love the feel as much with the T100s but I’m hitting them further and more consistent than Srixon and nothing feels better than the ball going where you want so I’ll be sticking with Titleist.
  5. I have been playing the tsi3 with both RDX Black and a Ventus Black 6S. Great results with both on my good days, but unfortunately on my bad days this driver can get very wide in both directions. I just ordered a TSI2 9* head to plug in hoping to reduce dispersion. A drive that is 5-10 yards longer is no good if it’s not in good position, and I’ve been putting myself in some tough situations lately. Can’t say that it will solve my problem yet, but reviews certainly argue that dispersion seems to be better for most golfers with the TSI2.
  6. Originally ordered with C-taper lite, but modified the order to Project X LZ 6.0 Onyx shafts so I could get them in sooner than next Jan/Feb. Got them out today and, while I think the C-taper lite is a more natural fit, I was thrilled with the performance of these clubs and how easy they are to launch.
  7. Well, some decent news. I placed an order for a u505 3-iron, T200 4&5, and 100s 6-PW back on August. Yesterday I received the T100s 6-PW, so I can finally get them out on the course today. I have not eta on the rest of the set but will hopefully have an answer soon. The T100s are beautiful and not nearly as scary to look down on as my previous Cobra Forged CB/MB set. They are beautiful to look down on in my living room and I’ll report back later with swing thoughts!
  8. Holy cow! Thanks for the heads up. Long ways off from the original 6-8 week quote
  9. Anybody have a clue when Titleist is receiving KBS shafts? I’m waiting on an August order for lefty T100s/ T200 with C-taper lite stiff shafts.
  10. Another range day today and I’m loving this club. Lefty 19* w/stock RDX shaft. It hits high bombs that carry 230-240. Can draw or fade if that’s your skill level, otherwise just wants to go high and straight. Can’t wait to get it out on the course, and especially interested in the Trono shaft and what could possibly be any better.
  11. I received my 19* lefty UW with the stock RDX 6.0 70g shaft. Great club and I love that the face isn’t painted so I can hit it at the range without fear. Perfect 230ish carry club for me. That being said I did just order one with the 75g stiff Trono shaft because the deal is insane. Will report back when it comes in!
  12. Glad to see a u505 review. I’m still waiting on mine with a hzrdus smoke black RDX shaft, along with a 100s/200 combo. Hoping it works as well as my previous SIM UDI.
  13. Betti is going in the bag for now. First round was great with it. Not going to move the Compass anytime too soon though until I make sure I score as well with this.
  14. Purchased from a fellow lefty on here. I looked and didn’t see pics of it yet so here’s my new Betti!
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