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  1. Hey guys, bumping this thread. I have a Sim 15* fairway that has a total head weight of 209 grams with the standard 3 gram screw. Anybody replace the screw with a heavier weight, and how we’re the results? I would like to add a few grams but don’t want to make it a low spin monster with too much weight at the front.
  2. I don’t mean to be the whiny lefty, but I wish they offered lefty options in the raw finish. I was hoping to order a set with KBS 610s. Great looking wedges!
  3. First hole in one this year! Gladly treated my playing partners to lunch and a few beers. Got called cheap because they expected an open tab for the rest of the day. Thankfully I had to pick up my little girl:)
  4. Hey guys, new owner of a QB6. I have the standard deep etched grip on, which I like. I also have a jumbo deep etched grip that I’m considering swapping as I think the slightly larger size will add a little stability to my stoke. Question: with the significant weight difference between the two, is there a major difference in the feel of the putter with the jumbo grip? Anybody go to the jumbo and regret it?
  5. Ventus Black 6X with Titleist adapter. Measures 44.5” and is untipped. I purchased used and have not used it, decided not to swap adapters. Has GolfWRX holograph on it as well as user name of the individual who won it. Super low key, you don’t see it unless you look for it. SOLD
  6. Looking for a Ventus Black 6X shaft with Taylormade adapter. Needs to be at least 44” tip to grip. Thanks!
  7. Looking for a new or like-new Fujikura Pro 2.0 Tour Spec 6X shaft. 44-44.25” tip to grip with Taylormade adapter
  8. 1.10.5* Taylormade SIM head. 195g with stock weight, will include two 13.5g TM weights with shipment (yes I realize you only need one, gift the other to a friend). Also includes headcover and tool. A few minor marks including the tiniest paint chip on the top toe area against the carbon crown (alignment stick...). $315 shipped 2. HZRDUS Hulk 6.5tx. Gamma PVD color. 43.75”, standard TM tipping. LH TM adapter $230 shipped 3. Fujikura Pro 2.0 Tour Spec 6X. 43.75”. Has ferrule above the adapter. LH TM adapter SOLD 4. Aldila Rogue White 70x shaft. 44”. Almost bra
  9. Hey guys, I’m curious if anybody has any insight or experience with HZRDUS Smoke green 70g 6.5 vs 60g 6.5tx? I recently obtained the latter in a trade and I want to use it because it’s the great looking gamma PVD color. Also noticed the torque rating on the non-tx is lower (2.8 vs 3.0 for tx). Any experiences to share?
  10. Looking for a Sim 3- wood w/ stiff or x-stiff shaft, or head only. Thanks!
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