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  1. I have given the D7 Forged a go but they lack the amazing feel of the CB’s, therefore the CB’s are back in. I am having the D7 4-iron reshafted in DG S300 to try it as a slightly better bridge between 5-wood and irons. For those on the fence, the CB’s are amazing.
  2. Not stupid at all if it works. I like the setup more with the head set to flat, seems I hit it more consistently that way. And the slider ideally moves more mass directly behind the ball for a person’s usual miss to help straighten the ball flight.
  3. @chriskilmeri found a like-new set with the stiff $-taper lite shafts. In my first range session i struggled a little with timing, but by day two they felt awesome and provide a great flight.
  4. CB’s are fantastic. I switched to them from Srixon and couldn’t be more pleased. Basically no loss of carry since I hit them in the middle way more than the Srixons (sole issue for me). I also snagged a set of D7 Forged recently and can’t believe how much I like them. I’d never considered Wilson before but they are incredible.
  5. Ventus Blue Velocore 6X shaft with Taylormade adapter. Shaft measures just over 43 1/4”, and I believe is tipped 1/2”. A couple small marks on the shaft but in very good shape. MCC Align grip set to neutral. $200 shipped.
  6. Tensei AV Raw white 65x shaft with Titleist adapter. Came from Titleist 1/4” short, so plays 45 1/4” in TSI heads. Used for one range session, still has sticker towards the base as it is essentially brand new. $125 shipped CONUS.
  7. @PNDUBGLFR did you notice any significant advantage with the D7 Forged, I.e. more consistency or hitting your distance numbers more regularly? That would be my hope in doing so.
  8. I bought a set of CB’s (4-GW) and they are fantastic. I do struggle a bit with the 4, and sometimes 5 irons. Anybody try D7 forged in the long irons to combo? Loft differences are significant but I wouldn’t mind a little more consistent distance up top.
  9. Yeah that thing looks perfect! I’ll look into it
  10. No kidding? I thought they were right handed only
  11. @MattM97That looks pretty awesome, I’ll look into it. Yeah I tried an ER2 as well but same result as the others with it not having enough hang.
  12. Hey guys, I have searched with little luck. I love my TM Spider X Hydroblast, however would love to add a second putter for when the mood is right. I’ve always loved the wide blade profile, however it seems like the lefty options are basically limited to face balanced or very little toe hang(Betti QB6, Cameron Squareback, Odyssey Doublewide). Does anybody know of any lefty options with plumbers neck or short slant? I’m even willing to shop boutique and spend ~$500 for a setup I like. I have emailed Carbon Putters but have not heard back on what looks to be about perfect, shown below. Let me k
  13. Its a lot friendlier than a Ventus Black 6X. Great shaft.
  14. Sim2 10.5* with two shaft options. Club is in very good shape with light marks to the face and sole. Crown is excellent. Driver head weighs 201g, straight from TM. Sold 1. Smoke Black RDX 6.5 70g. Plays 45.25”. Has RH adapter 2. Fujikura Pro 2.0 Tour Spec 6X shaft. Plays 44.75”
  15. 1. Srixon ZX5/7 combo with $-taper 120 shafts. 4-5 are ZX5, 6-PW ZX7. Standard specs straight from Srixon. Kept in headcovers so no chatter. Sold 2. Cleveland RTX Zipcore 50-54-58* set. Standard specs with KBS 610 stiff in 50 and 54, Hi-Rev 2.0 in the 58. Normal minor wedge scuffs, otherwise in great shape. Sold 3. Taylormade SIM UDI 2 iron. Standard specs with stiff Diamana Thumper shaft. Sold
  16. The Wilson Staff blades and new CB combo set haunts my dreams. I’m trying not to give in as I’m having a great start to my season with a Srixon combo. But man those are so sweet looking.
  17. Two items for sale, both gently used with a few light ball marks on the face but no scratches to sole, face, or crown. 1. Mizuno ST-Z 3-wood. Standard specs with Fujikura Motore F3 7x shaft. Sold 2. Srixon ZX 19* hybrid with KBS Prototype 85 stiff shaft. Sold
  18. For sale is a like-new Ventus Black 6X shaft with Taylormade adapter. Untipped, 44.25”. I purchased new through a golf shop and realized after one round it’s not for me. Sold
  19. Two rounds with my new Spider X Hydroblast flowneck putter, and I love it. I had previously used a copper x short slant putter with good results but sold it due to fear of chipping paint. The new finish solves that problem and the flowneck is IMO a huge upgrade over the short slant. The putter is exceptionally stable and effortless to line up. There is a slight sun glare from the finish but not bad, and I don’t play with sunglasses on. The retail price on them is also a lot friendlier than others in the same line. Overall thrilled with it!
  20. Quick review: I loved/hated my Sim 10.5 last year. Had some great rounds and rounds where I was leaving the face open and hitting monster blocks. Sold it and preordered a Sim2 10.5 with HZRDUS blue RDX after seeing good reviews of that shaft. Well the shaft was a bad fit for me as I don’t have a deliberate swing. Tried a Ventus Black 6X but appeared to be too low spin as I couldn’t keep a ball in the air. Grabbed a HZRDUS Smoke Black RDX and I now am loving the SIM2. The ball is launching high and straight with a slight cut as the miss (better than a block!). It’s definitely a more forgi
  21. Awesome thanks for the short reviews. Going to add one vs my new TM Spider X Hydroblast and see who wins.
  22. Any more reviews on the 5.5? I’ve seen a few lefties up for sale, curious why they seem to be turning over so quick
  23. Agreed, got mine out a couple times and that sums it up for me. It’s like SIM distance with SIM max forgiveness. I’m super thrilled with it.
  24. Thanks @Celeras, that was incredibly helpful. Will look for a deal on the S62!
  25. Looking for a watch for golf and life, wouldn’t mind features similar to Apple Watch like texts and whatnot, but don’t need or want full smart watch capability. I just want a more useful display than the very basic x40 offers, plus much better battery life.
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