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  1. Glad to see a u505 review. I’m still waiting on mine with a hzrdus smoke black RDX shaft, along with a 100s/200 combo. Hoping it works as well as my previous SIM UDI.
  2. Betti is going in the bag for now. First round was great with it. Not going to move the Compass anytime too soon though until I make sure I score as well with this.
  3. Purchased from a fellow lefty on here. I looked and didn’t see pics of it yet so here’s my new Betti!
  4. Titleist TSI2 9* with Tensei Raw White stiff or x-stiff. Minor sand marks on the face and sole as well as two small imperfections on the crown near the hosel. Selling because the tsi3 is a better fit for me. SOLD
  5. New putter purchased from a fellow lefty! LH plumbers neck QB6. OHHH YEAHHH!
  6. I am far from an expert on fitting but I took a leap of faith on these shafts and have been very pleased so I don’t know why it wouldn’t.
  7. $-taper currently but switching to C-taper lite as soon as they are in stock.
  8. ZX7 have a larger profile, a little more offset, and generally look easier to hit. They are stronger lofted and are a solid one club longer for me. The ZX7 are also, for me, much more pleasing when struck well. I felt like the 921 tours were unforgiving and no longer than previous Mizuno blades I’ve had, but at least with the blades there was great feel to go with the club.
  9. 3 for me. I do better with lower spin heads. I was set on the 2 being the one to get me in the fairway more at the expense of a few yards but I had a two way miss with it and even when I striped it, I felt like I was missing out on significant distance. TSI3 with stock hzrdus RDX shaft is so consistent and straight but can be worked if I want/need to. I also feel like it has the long ball in it that the 2 didn’t for me.
  10. 1. Subscribed 2. Searched 3. What Club Champion location would you get fit at? Denver, CO 4. Have you been fit for clubs before? I have never been professionally fitted for clubs, just way too much tinkering! 5. What part of your bag could use a fitting? Full bag would be amazing, but irons/wedges would be my main focus.
  11. Hey guys, wanted to give a quick report on a Compass putter that was built for me. I went with the lefty wide-blade option with preferred specs including slant neck. In short, this putter is AMAZING! The ultimate tell, I have dropped 4-6 strokes per round (no joke, can prove it with Garmin golf app). The putter finish is incredible and the feel is exceptional. I have had tons of compliments on the look and even more so on the performance. I enjoyed the experience of working with Mike as this is my first ever custom putter, and I'm glad it has turned out to be such a positive experience on the course as well.
  12. Have made the rounds this year and settled on the TSi3 driver and TSI2 16.5 (playing at 15.5*). Love the Titleist woods, do wish they made the crown a more durable matte finish.
  13. Glad the OP asked the question. I have played the ZX7 and just blind ordered the T100s irons due to winning a custom set and not being able to find a lefty head to demo. Really hopeful they are a good fit or I could see going back to the Srixons.
  14. 610 is phenomenal for gap and sand wedge, but is a little firm and low launching for lob. I like the hi-rev 2.0 on lob. 610 has a strong ball flight and consistent distance that is a little longer for me in my gap and sand wedges. Still hits and stops or will come back a few feet but gives me 5-10 more yards vs others like the Spinner shaft.
  15. 1. Srixon ZX Utility 3 iron (20*). Standard specs with Recoil stiff shaft and MCC Red grip. Used for one weekend, looks nearly new. Sold 2. Wilson Staff Model wedge set. 52, 56, 60*. Standard specs with DG 120 S300 shafts. Used for about 2 months, all in very good condition. Sold
  16. Can anybody who ordered standard length throw a tape measure on a 7-iron for me? Would like to see a pic of the standard length to know how it compares to other sets, I.e. Srixon. Thanks in advance
  17. Order placed for T100s 4-PW with C-Taper Lite 110 shafts. Shafts back ordered til 9/20, estimated arrival early/ mid October. Bummer since I want them now but will be worth the wait!
  18. A little page bump if I may. I am waiting on a set of Srixons and in the meantime ordered a 2019 CB/MB combo. I had never hit them or honestly ever seen them, but had a trade offer for some clubs I wasn’t enjoying so figured what the heck. These things are amazing! Looked tiny when I first saw them but after one quick range session I was ready for a round and thrilled with the results! As said they launch the ball high but reach normal, predicable blade numbers. Hopefully the fun lasts since I have no idea when I’m getting my Srixon order, but in the meantime I’ll enjoy hitting one of the best feeling irons I’ve ever played.
  19. Loved OG SIM, decided to upgrade to SIM2. I’m back in the OG now and content. I feel like the SIM2 was a little too spinny for me, especially on balls low on the face. For whatever reason the original seems to be the best blend of distance plus forgiveness. I also think I do better with the shallower face of the original. But, as always, we will just have to take next years model for a spin as well
  20. Awaiting delivery of a combo set of ZX5 4-5 and ZX7 6-PW with C-Taper Lite shafts. Combo felt amazing I’m my local golf store, will report back on real world results when they arrive. Of course had to add a utility 3 along with Zipcore wedges to round out the bag.
  21. Did you hit the ZXU 4-iron vs the u85 4? Seems like the 2 would naturally be lower launching and less forgiving than a 4 otherwise.
  22. 1. Ping G425 Max 3 wood. Rogue White 80 stiff shaft. 43” with Arcos grip. Includes headcover. SOLD 2. Ping G425 Max 5 wood. Alta CB 65 stiff shaft. A few surface marks on the face from sandy range balls, can’t feel the scratches otherwise. Plays 42” with MCC Plus 4 grip. SOLD
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