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  1. Quick review: I loved/hated my Sim 10.5 last year. Had some great rounds and rounds where I was leaving the face open and hitting monster blocks. Sold it and preordered a Sim2 10.5 with HZRDUS blue RDX after seeing good reviews of that shaft. Well the shaft was a bad fit for me as I don’t have a deliberate swing. Tried a Ventus Black 6X but appeared to be too low spin as I couldn’t keep a ball in the air. Grabbed a HZRDUS Smoke Black RDX and I now am loving the SIM2. The ball is launching high and straight with a slight cut as the miss (better than a block!). It’s definitely a more forgi
  2. Awesome thanks for the short reviews. Going to add one vs my new TM Spider X Hydroblast and see who wins.
  3. Any more reviews on the 5.5? I’ve seen a few lefties up for sale, curious why they seem to be turning over so quick
  4. Agreed, got mine out a couple times and that sums it up for me. It’s like SIM distance with SIM max forgiveness. I’m super thrilled with it.
  5. Thanks @Celeras, that was incredibly helpful. Will look for a deal on the S62!
  6. Looking for a watch for golf and life, wouldn’t mind features similar to Apple Watch like texts and whatnot, but don’t need or want full smart watch capability. I just want a more useful display than the very basic x40 offers, plus much better battery life.
  7. New 2021 Garmin updates released last week including the updated S42. Anybody have any insight on these vs S62? Both will be a huge upgrade to my Approach X40, but hoping to hear first hand reviews of the S42 and if there is any reason to go for the more expensive 62?
  8. Mine came in -1/2” at 200g. I was thrilled they adjusted the head weight from TM.
  9. @hokiealumnwhat shaft in your rescue? Just received my SIM2 10.5 w/ HZRDUS RDX blue 6.5. Looking forward to taking it out early next week! Have never swung that shaft but the TXG guys made it sound like a winner. Ended up canceling my GG order this week when I checked and the club was still over two months out from shipping.
  10. Has anybody rolled the new Spider X with flowneck and compared it to the short slant? I loved the short slant but ordered the flowneck and think I’m going to really like it. However I do wish it had a black shaft.
  11. Callaway. I think they make good equipment, but the colors on their woods cheapen them to my eye.
  12. Are many people receiving their SIM2 drivers? I had a relatively simple custom order placed on the first day of preorders and still no word on status. Feels like this thread is a little stagnant with lots of other talk but not too much in the way of first hand reviews/ comparisons to SIM.
  13. That is an incredible idea. In the meantime I would enjoy reading about any other personal experiences that people have had with these clubs.
  14. Mistake has been edited. Any other info/experience to offer?
  15. Just received a ZX Hybrid 3 with KBS Prototype 85s shaft. Not sure why but this weight comes at no up charge, where the 75g and 95g options are significantly more expensive. Sits square or maybe just a touch open and looks great from the top! Will report back when I have a chance to get it out. Great offerings this year, should match up well with my ZX combo iron set with $-taper shafts!
  16. Every. Single. Club. But I feel great about it, early results with irons/ wedges are solid and I (seriously) believe I’ll have my bag set as soon as the stragglers come in: SIM2 10.5 (en route) Mizuno ST-Z 3-wood (en route) Srixon ZX hybrid 3 Srixon ZX combo 4-pw Zipcore wedges Betti QB6 Raw Carbon putter
  17. I have gone down every road, TM insisted they built it as sent to them by GG. Ultimately GG is honoring the price and reordering the club, and I am doing even more due diligence to ensure the correct one is sent this time. Hope to have it before May as the shaft shows at this point on TM website!
  18. Awesome, seems like the issue was standard SIM2 purchases, or at least in the several cases listed here. I’m working through the reorder process now.
  19. Haha unfortunately it’s a lefty 10.5*.
  20. TM sends an order form with the build specs. If the specs say Standard, it has their standard 1” tipping. Sorry I already send mine off or I’d measure, I think untipped was 4” from top of adapter to first part of Velocore but not 100%.
  21. @PT1911Ordered on 1/20. I’m a lefty so sometimes it benefits me with more inventory in stock
  22. I got in on the Golf Galaxy Ventus deal and... They messed it up! I ordered a SIM2, was sent a SIM2 Max. Also went through a lengthy process with Golf Galaxy to ensure there would be no shaft tipping. It came with the standard 1" TM tipping. This one stings a bit. Plan is to send it back, get refunded, then possibly reorder. Not that big of a deal in the grand scheme, but a bit disappointing for sure.
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