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  1. Apex Pro Smoke TC stamp 4-P std LLL accra i110 M5 shafts D2 swingweight std tour velvet grips logo down see pics for wear and tear. 5i has the worst wear I gamed for 5 rounds. They’re big hitters! asking 950
  2. @Troyefl there are no marks that’s just the picture happy to send more if you want to DM me
  3. Mint!!!! Both are head only and first to buy gets the headcover. Second will come wrapped and protected asking $OLD speedzone xtreme 10.5 white in excellent shape - Available speedzone 10.5 white - $OLD both gamed for one round and hit a few times on range
  4. Scotty Cameron H19 in MINT condition never gamed only rolled indoors Stock everything - sold Bradley Putters MINT condition on both Blue - UST Frequency matched shaft and discolored white midsize iomic, 33" length 70* lie and 355 headweight Red - Chrome stepless, leather bradley grip, 34", lie is supposed to be 70* but feels maybe closer to 68* not too sure headweight is 363. HIGH gloss finish that shows inside of putter really well and looks fantastic I have ONE bradley mallet headcover with "only you can prevent 3 putts" smokey the bear whoever buys first gets it the second will be s
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