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  1. Had a lesson with my coach today. Decided to only hit wedges so here is a screenshot of an average shot with PW. Seemed like the numbers were much more reasonable today. I moved myself further away from the screen and was using a different ball.
  2. These numbers actually were consistent. I screenshotted the next couple of swings which the numbers seemed even more ridiculous. The next ball I hit was a 1.45 smash with 111 ball speed and 76 club speed and a spin rate of 4500 (157 carry 173 total). This is close to my normal ball speed of 115-120 with 8 iron and a 87mph swing speed. Next time I'm at the sim I am going to try a different 8 iron and also hitting the ball a bit further away from the screen. Will share results after.
  3. The balls do not have metallic dots. Also I tend to hit a little close to the sim because the back of the mat is a little more worn down. Maybe that has something to do with it?
  4. Exactice808, The yardages are all over the place because I am focusing on a swing change and try to do some swings at slower speeds to focus on the change. I was on this same sim with my old p770 irons at the same loft as my srixon's and I was spinning the 8 iron at about 6500 rpm on average. I could post an old screenshot of those numbers if you would like. At that time I was swinging much less in to out (about 4-6 in to out).
  5. dsmil, It feels as if I am hitting centre of the face and considering I'm getting that high of a smash factor I would think that is true. I am using a standard 2020 Pro V1. Also I was on the same sim several months ago and was spinning 8 iron at 6800 mind you it was with different irons but they had similar lofts. I don't think it's an issue with the sim because I seem to keep getting the same numbers in terms of spin.
  6. Just got out of lockdown and am now able to go to a sim locally. Swing is very rusty and am swinging it much slower than usual 87 mph 8i avg and also am very dumped under at around 10-12 degrees in to out. I see that my irons are spinning very low and am wondering if its due to the path being so inside out or even due to my lack of speed. I play Srixon z785 irons which are 1 degree weak but now am considering bending them another degree weak. Included a screenshot of my 8 iron numbers below.
  7. Just ordered a p770 4-6 p7mc 7-pw after trying them out. Coming from a 2017 P770 Full set. While the older p770 looks alot like the new p770 in terms of size I will say that the new p770 appears to be a bit smaller heel to toe but I think thats just due to the new p770 having a more round shape. All in all I think both the P770 and the P7mc are both great irons and you cannot go wrong with either of these options. The P7mc offers what I would say a fair amount of forgiveness in the shorter irons (7-p) but then becomes pretty demanding in the longer irons. The P770 definitely offers a bit
  8. Hmm okay. I was watching the TXG videos on these and they were sort of alluding to the fact that the P7Mc may not blend as well with the P770 as the p790. These two sets of irons do look a bit far apart to me and feel a lot different which is the only thing stopping me from getting a 4-6, 7- pw(mc) combo.
  9. Wondering if anyone could compare the new 770 to the 2017 770s? I loved that set and am wishing I never got rid of them. Most noticeably to me in the photos it seems that the new 770 is a bit larger in profile to me.
  10. Monte, can't the same thing be achieved by simply strengthening your grip??
  11. BB, I do have guidance and I check in every two weeks or so. Some days on the range are feeling great but I have yet to feel comfortable about my change on the course. Thanks for the response.
  12. Just curious how others here have had success in making a swing change. I am in the process of making a change and at times am becoming frustrated as I am seeing very little progression when I look at my swing on camera. I have been doing slow motion practice swings and pausing in certain positions to get the feelings of the right positions for me. Also am wondering how long these changes have taken you? Let me know what you guys think. Cheers.
  13. K9, I was referring to left arm parallel so just a bit before that position that you referred to where your shaft is pointed well right of the ball. From this position you know you are kind of screwed so you compensate by getting the club across the line at the top of your backswing. I would be willing to bet that you really struggle with wedges because you would have to reroute the club so much with shorter backswings. Basically your move in your golf swing is flat to steep. We need to change that sequence to make it steep in the backswing to shallow in the downswing. I would get your sh
  14. First off, pretty good looking golf swing as a whole. Really like a lot of things happening in transition. I would first check out how your takeaway is looking. If you put the video in slow motion and pause it when your left arm is parallel (P3) you can see that the shaft is pointing way outside golf ball and the face has opened to some extent. You attempt to recover from this position by getting crossed up at the top a bit. I recommend getting that shaft to set more vertically where it points at golf ball or inside the ball. Try this drill for now: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UOp53A1k
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