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  1. Yes you can order it with the adjustable shaft. There was an upcharge of $40 CAD for my order to get the adjustable shaft.
  2. I believe ball does matter for launch angle as well. If you were to compare the launch angle using a traditional 9 iron with say a Wilson Duo Soft Spin ball and a Titleist Pro V1x you can see as much as a 4 degree difference in launch angle. How you use this information is separate. There is some value in knowing how your launch angle changes if you use the same club to play a soft cut, or a hard draw. More generally, it sounds like setting up a hitting bay at home is probably going to address the main concerns. You'll be able to deduce launch direction but you wont
  3. As far as I'm aware, for lateral distance, the MLM measures launch direction and not spin axis. It should capture pushes and pulls well but fades/slices and draws/hooks would be more challenging. If the ball starts moving early on, it may get picked up by the self-facing camera but I dont expect the camera is powerful enough to pick up the ball after it has gotten to the apex. It would be good to eventually hear your updates on how this works out in the field. I think the shots of concern would be those that say start "straight" at the target and either fade or draw off the ta
  4. There is a YouTube video by Kenny Kat that covers multiple options and it seems he returned one and bought the other:
  5. For the ESB1 you need 4-6 ft behind the ball and a minimum of 8 feet from ball to net/impact screen. For wedges the device will still read at 3ft behind the ball but being so close can be distracting for some. Ideally, you want as much ball flight as you can spare. If you have limited space, then ES14 is more suited for purpose.
  6. I see the averages in the app but it hasnt served a purpose for me. In settings you can set it to either "Overall" or "Per Session" but no matter which option I select, it lists the same value (even when I have an active session). Instead, I email the session data to myself and add the results to an Excel pivot table to get the associated averages. With family members and friends also using the device, I cant use the "Overall" option for anything meaningful.
  7. Need is a strong term, for the most part that's player dependent. I have found that having a personal launch monitor helps to give you a good understanding of your bag gapping and launch window. Sometimes there are minor changes that alter your gapping and it's good to know when these creep in. In fact, this helps a player to understand how to extract different numbers with the same club. What happens when you alter ball position, open or close the face, open or close your stance, grip down, ... If the device also measures club speed and ball speed, some utilize the
  8. It sounds like you've already identified the models you're interested in. You can probably give the EVNROLL upcoming V Series a look as well. Be careful with really high moi though, it isn't without any compromise.
  9. I don't have an SC300. I have an SC100 but I have noticed that it works better when there is more ball flight from strike zone to the net. I currently use 12 feet. It seems you've tried different lengths in that regard so it may not be your issue. Suggest using it at a different location having a net at least 10 feet from the strike zone and comparing the results. I believe there might be some form of interference with your current setup.
  10. 2) The Spin is calculated on the parameters given from the Doppler. But generically, you can say that many systems calculates spin in a similar way? NM: The more advanced Doppler launch monitors are able to measure spin rate if you use them as directed. i.e. applying the metallic stickers when there is limited flight. In the personal launch monitor category, consisting of those devices which are say $500-ish and less, the FlightScope Mevo appears to be the only current model that is capable of "measuring" spin rate. Spin provided by other vendors in this space is likely calculated
  11. The regular FlightScope Mevo doesn't actually track shot direction. The available data parameters are listed here: https://www.flightscopemevo.com/. The Mevo+ has "Horizontal Launch Angle" but the Mevo doesn't and while the Mevo has "Apex Height" and "Flight Time" the other parameters are very similar to the ESB1/ES14. You can verify with Ernest Sports but I believe the ESB1/ES14 only directly measure club speed and ball speed. Distance, launch angle, spin rate and smash factor are calculated values. They use club speed, ball speed and the selected club to perform the calculati
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