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  1. Think I saw the wingtips on Amazon. Only white and I believe only a few sizes, may want to look there
  2. Need some advise here I have tried 2 separate pairs of 9.5 zIt and have developed hot spots in balls of my feet. I know there is some kind of air pad in the forefoot area do you think a 9 wide would be the trick? Everything else about the shoe was spot on, thanks!
  3. I’ve tried addidas tour 360 Xt and Nike infinity Tour with no luck. Spieth 3 seems to be only shoe I can find that fits right! Getting old sucks my feet are obviously changing
  4. Thanks, so seems like a wool blends will need to be tried.
  5. I live in the south and have had no issues until lately with sweaty feet/ hot spots. Is there a brand of socks that works for you all? Or any tricks/ tips to put on bottom of my feet before round. I usually wear feetures socks while golfing and running. Doesn’t seem to be an issue when I run. Thanks!
  6. Nooo did you actually get tracking # mine still says preparing order since the 25th
  7. I got email this am from customer service saying it was preorder and would not ship until after 6/6...
  8. So it’s been 48hrs and DSG customer service still hasn’t got back to me. DSG website says my order is being prepared been like that since Monday and my est arrival was yesterday. Anyone else having similar issues?
  9. I just got same response. Mine were supposed to arrive today and now who knows rep is supposed to contact me within 24-48 hours
  10. Guess we will find out tomorrow, had gift card to DSG or would have just ordered direct
  11. Mine has show processing since Monday. DSG chat says to expect on estimated arrival but that’s tomorrow and still haven’t received tracking
  12. Being told from DSG that since it’s coming direct from Nike and not there own warehouses that’s probably the cause of delay
  13. I still have received my tracking number just says order is processing...
  14. Ordered white pair from DSG and says 5/30 delivery hope that’s correct
  15. I have the pro’s and they fit true to me. I wear 9.5 in vomero running shoes and my pro’s are 9.5 and fit the same.
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