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  1. I really hope ping will come out with a smaller head option on the g425 like they did on the G400. It just feels and sounds so much better than the 460
  2. Never any love for Fly Z pros? They are beautiful and feel great. Almost finished customizing a LH set now. Nippons, red iomic grips a bit of red paint fill and chrome ferrules. Just gotta put the medallion back in the toe and finished.
  3. I have learned through many shaft purchases. Buy uncut shafts get an extractor and simple launch monitor that records spin, launch angle etc. You need those numbers as well as feel and visual real ball flight to truly fit a driver shaft. Then butt trim and tip accordingly. Its sucks having to spend the money on devices like that, but without getting fit and trying to guess is a crap shoot. After you play around with and a little research you'll be happy you did.
  4. Any iron will go far if you hood the face and swing hard.
  5. I would have to say a higher launching shaft for my driver. A test that lasted 1 range session and 1 round. I didn't get fit for it I just bought the same brand and weight just their highest launching model. Boy was my guess way off lol. Just loft up and don't use a shaft to increase ball flight. You can decrease it a bit using a low launching shaft. But it will spin too much and get a bit outta control trying to use a shaft to increase loft on a driver.
  6. I have the same problem with my PM grind right now, mostly cause I don't practice enough lately and my touch is hit or miss. But the 60 PM stay in the bag unless I'm in the bunker and I just manipulate the face of my 56. It is easier and more consistent for me so I think that in itself gives me confidence. As opposed to trying a 20 yard pitch with my 60 its in my head that I will mess up the shot so I usually do.
  7. I would probably say my driver, not because of the $600 original price tag but the last 2 shaft i put in it were both over 400 and the new shaft is 500. So it getting up there. But I still use 2 of the shafts depending on the course I play
  8. Thats a great idea, I'm gonna assemble a garbage set now. I do have a couple different bags, one has blades wich I probably shouldn't use but they're so pretty and the other is GIs, but I would never let anyone else use them. I'll lend out my truck, s*** maybe even my girlfriend for an evening but clubs are personal.
  9. I dont think the technology has been drastically improved in 5 or 6 years, the only difference i have noticed is every manufacturer now has a driver that is both lower spin and forgiveness. Where as 6 years ago you really had to pick between the two. But im a club ho too so im just as guilty as the next guy who's wife thinks he spends way too much on golf.
  10. Just focus hard on how you are gonna strike the ball and don't get quick on you stroke. Having good tempo when hitting off of tight lies where the margin for error is all but gone will help you put the club into the ball much more accurately
  11. I switched from fly z pro's to some forged tec blacks and gained some distance. Didn't notice a huge difference in scoring but there sure is a difference when hitting shots off the toe. The CBs still get the distance I was looking for while the MBs come up almost 10 yards short, so I'd say go for the CBs. I know some look like model space ships attached to a stick lol especially the (taylormade shovels)but they do seem to help.
  12. Tee it up higher and outside of your lead foot. Then just practice catching the ball on the upswing. Also practice your fastest part of your swing being just after contact with the ball. It'll put you a little off balance for a bit and can be hard on your back but it does work
  13. Get forged irons, then set them up at 3.5 flat. Use mizuno fairway woods and hybrids. In my experience they are about as anti hook as anything. Practice at the range holding a towel in your left armpit and don't let it fall out during the swing.
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