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  1. I ended up grabbing the Cold Gear Reactor Hybrid jacket from UA. I got the hooded version cause I play when it gets pretty cold. Jacket feels great and the stretch panels make swinging a breeze. Can’t speak to the warmth yet, but I imagine it will hold up to some pretty cold weather.
  2. You get the golf version or the regular version that has a hood? They look pretty nice and seem warm
  3. The blue zoned Norse looks really really nice. I’ve heard previous versions weren’t nearly as warm as the regular Norse but almost want to try it on looks alone.
  4. I got the Nike thermal golf hoodie and I’m a big fan. Way warmer than the adidas cold rdy hoodie. The adidas one feels like a basic cotton hoodie. Not that warm at all. The Nike one is warm.
  5. Hard to tell. Almost looks like the hoodie may be underneath the Tennessee shirt. I did just pick up the therma golf hoodie from ndc and it is super comfy and seems really warm.
  6. Thanks. That’s the one I’ve been wanting to see a review and sizing on. I know the originals ran small but think last year they went more like American sizing.
  7. Anyone try the Ping Norse S2 that just showed up on their website. Curious if it’s as warm and fits similar to the previous versions.
  8. I wasn’t sure if they were private now or just restricting it to guests and members now cause of Covid. We used to play there once a year until this year. Mystic is fantastic and worth every penny. I’m not a fan of Shepard’s really at all. Don’t get me wrong, it’s really nice but not worth the money when you can play mystic for the same amount.
  9. Im waiting for my 270s from dicks too. Was hoping to get shipping notification today.
  10. I just ordered the all black from golf galaxy a few hours ago and it says they shipped and I got tracking. Strange some of your guys pre sales haven’t shipped. I have the all whites and wore them for 18 yesterday and was super impressed with how comfy they were.
  11. Up for sale is a new in plastic Phantom X 5.5 Putter. It is 35 inches long and standard loft and lie. It has never rolled a putt. I’m lefty and won it in a scramble for longest putt so it doesn’t do me any good!! Price is $310 obo shipped to conus.
  12. I’ll take one if anyone has an extra!!
  13. Man. I’ve been checking this thread all day waiting for restock and I missed it again. I may pay resale too. Those air max are awesome
  14. > @Elleshoe said: > It really is terrible that they had to pick the same shirt and different colors for Rory. Very underwhelming scripting That’s the only Nike shirt this year I have really liked so far
  15. Anyone know the name of the shirt Rory is wearing today? It’s white with blue stripes and has the metal logo swoosh on the sleeve like old tiger shirts did. Saw it at golf galaxy today but they only had it in small. Really liked it when I saw it in person.
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