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  1. Air zoom 2009 is still my favorite. Followed closely by the 13s. I still break them both out occasionally.
  2. I think this years fits more like normal American sizing and the previous versions were tighter euro cut. But I’m not positive.
  3. The email I got said 25% off for 24 hours. Maybe once it’s in your cart, the price will be adjusted.
  4. I got an email from ping and when I clicked the link, the prices were adjusted in cart. Hope that helps.
  5. Ping Norse is 25% off for cyber Monday right now. $111 is a great deal on this jacket
  6. I have the hooded version of that UA jacket and it’s great. Super warm and really stretchy. I got it due to high recommendations in the best jacket under 50 degrees thread that’s on here a few posts below.
  7. Smaller mallets can almost fit in the blade covers. I lost my Toulon Atlanta cover and have been just using a Scotty blade cover I had laying around till I can find a new one. It does bother me having mismatched cover!!
  8. The one he is wearing today is ribbed and extremely stretchy. Didn’t feel anything like the aeroreact ones to me. It was pretty thick though and probably not the coolest material in the world. I tried on the black one at Dicks. I think they just released them a week or 2 ago.
  9. https://www.discountgolfworld.com/collections/tiger-woods-collection-by-nike/products/nike-tw-tiger-woods-dri-fit-speed-blade-polo-ct3795 They have it here. Really liking that shirt
  10. I think it’s legit. That first pic has that spine line on it I think which makes me feel it’s real. Can you feel the lines? That’s another thing I have noticed. The fakes are painted but the real ones you can slightly feel all of those stripes.
  11. If you play in the winter and it’s 35 degrees, how does a hoodie not make sense?? You don’t notice it when it’s down and you are hitting a shot, but you certainly notice it when you flip it up for the ride or walk to the ball. Athleisure clothes are pretty much accepted and embraced everywhere now. Why not be comfortable while still looking stylish? Golfers are athletes now more than they have ever been. They should dress in whatever clothes make them able to perform their best and that includes how ridiculous it is to wear pants on a 105 degree day.
  12. I ended up grabbing the Cold Gear Reactor Hybrid jacket from UA. I got the hooded version cause I play when it gets pretty cold. Jacket feels great and the stretch panels make swinging a breeze. Can’t speak to the warmth yet, but I imagine it will hold up to some pretty cold weather.
  13. You get the golf version or the regular version that has a hood? They look pretty nice and seem warm
  14. The blue zoned Norse looks really really nice. I’ve heard previous versions weren’t nearly as warm as the regular Norse but almost want to try it on looks alone.
  15. I got the Nike thermal golf hoodie and I’m a big fan. Way warmer than the adidas cold rdy hoodie. The adidas one feels like a basic cotton hoodie. Not that warm at all. The Nike one is warm.
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