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  1. Found this set of laminated Hogans, 1,3,4, & 5. These are labelled as Speed Slot 7070 on the driver and 070 on the fairways. All have a personal model decal on the trailing edge and have "3" shafts.
  2. These are early 80s, and in my opinion are not worth $100 for a half set, but it's really up to how much you want them. These are references as a "bullet groove" model due to the groove on the upper part of the muscle. For reference, I sold an identical set 3-pw for $50 a couple days ago. Granted, I priced them low on purpose, but you can shop around and find a better deal than $100 IMO.
  3. I asked a similar question in the new acquisitions thread, but figured I'd do a new topic and get some additional opinions. All my fellow vintage gear fans, what do you plan to do in 2024 and beyond, when the USGA groove rule fully applies to amateurs and states the old equipment we love is ilegal and can no longer be used to post handicaps? As a classic overthinker, I'm constantly worrying about what I'll do when that time comes. Will I feel the need to give up vintage gear to stay within the rules, or will I Iose the ability to keep a handicap and know I'm playing by the rules? My
  4. These were "game improvement" just prior to Ping launching on the national golf scene. Yeah comparing them to the 1968 MT irons it looks like their version of game improvement is a longer blade length and a slightly higher muscle to I guess promote a higher launch? Having not been around back then I can imagine the Ping stuff was seen as pretty out there.
  5. Actually, the DX line - IIRC - was always priced quite a bit less than the MT I forgot I had the resources to look this up, so I just looked it up in the Tom Wishon penned Golfworks Golf Club Identification and Price Guide and I was surprised to see the 1968 MT Woods and Irons had the exact same retail price as the DX Woods and Irons, $112 for a set of 4 woods and $180 for a set of 9 irons. So it looks like hnryclay was correct on that. By the way, inflation wise that comes out to $813 for 4 woods and over $1300 for 9 irons.
  6. Thanks rex. So these were a step below the MTs in the Macgregor line?
  7. Found my first "time capsule" set today. It's a set of Macgregor DX DXR2 irons 2-PW from I believe 1968. Shafted with medium Tourney shafts with nice leather grips with gold thread. If these have seen more than a round or two since 1968 I would be shocked. I looked into these a bit and while there's some disagreement on pro-line VS store line, the general consensus was that these were at the top of the line in Macgregor's pro catalog but a more forgiving design compared to the the VIPs and MTs. Is that the case?
  8. I've been getting more into the true heel shafted blade, Calamity Jane style putters, so I bought this lot of 5 of them on ebay. Got them for a song. Wright and Ditson St. Andrew's Wilson Olympiad Spalding RTJ Kro-Flite Golfcraft Roy Hunter Wilson Pathfinder ladies My favorite is the Wright and Ditson. So clean from address.
  9. Set of Cobra TVD-II Aluminum Bronze V-Groove irons came in from Ebay. 3-SW set. Shafted with TT Gold Plus S200 shafts. I like the look of them, but they have a funky reverse offset I see was popular back in the day in Japan. I had no idea what these were, but a helpful WRX poster told me they may be a special order only set from 1993 or so? I'm debating polishing them up to their original bronze glory, or leaving then patina'd. The wear on the soles makes them look slightly uneven to me.
  10. I'm considering pulling the trigger on a set of Cobra TRD II V-groove irons I found for sale, but I can find next to nothing on them online. They look a lot like the Baffler Blades, but are made from Aluminum Bronze. Were these a dud sales wise, or a store line club? I really can't find much of anything on them for being a fairly recent (90's) model from a major manufacturer.
  11. Found an old Jones bag in awesome shape today. As a proud Oregon State University alum, I've decided it's a Masters themed bag, even though it's probably a University of Oregon scheme given my geography. Either way, it's in really good shape and came with a funky add-on stand bag mechanism. Thankfully it slipped off easily.
  12. Found a never been used RLX stand bag today at a goodwill. Still had the cardboard inserts in the pockets and legs wrapped in plastic. $15 out the door. Only thing I can't figure out are the two straps. I can't seem to get them to work as a backpack. Any guesses? My only thought is that they were installed incorrectly, as their packaging was inside the ball pocket.
  13. Found a nice set of Maruman Conductor 42CX irons, 3-SW with odd unmarked green colored graphite shafts for $18 total. Does anyone have any info on these? I know Maruman is a JDM brand, so I'll probably ask on that forum too. Also, has anyone seen this type of graphite shaft before? I'll probably pull a grip off to see if there's any markings but I like the Victory cords that are on there.
  14. Goodwill. I've scored a set of Mac FC4000s, 2-11 + Penna Wedge, various 8802 style putters, and probably 2 dozen 60s era persimmons. But the hickory stuff is just non existant at the goodwills I frequent.
  15. Sorry if this is a dumb question or if it's been covered before. For some background, I've been deep into vintage clubs for about a year now. I've got 5 or so complete bags of 60s-80s era blades and persimmons, but I'm wanting to dip my toe into the hickory side of the game and build a 6 club set. I built my vintage bags by shopping around at various goodwills in my area. While it sometimes takes a few different visits I can typically find something cool with regularity. In all my time visiting goodwills I've seen maybe 2 hickory clubs ever. Are there other types of shops that I'd
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