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  1. Every driving iron I have tried or gamed with a graphite shaft has been a disaster. My P790 2i is one of my favorite clubs now that I use the same Modus 105 X steel shaft as in my other irons. So much more predictable.
  2. Monte, so that bet you took guaranteeing you could get hundreds of WXR's to make themselves look like morons with a yard broom.....how much did it pay? ps. order on its way.
  3. Rahm doesn't care. He's bagged his first major and reached the #1 spot.
  4. Wow. No PR for USA and now no JR for the Europe.
  5. I couldn't help but notice that Stricter did not look comfortable up there even though he's super super super excited. Scheffler is a good pick though. Surprised Kisner and Na didn't get a look.
  6. It's common knowledge he doesn't really enjoy golf. I suspect he's just pulling another sickie from work.
  7. Me after watching reviews showing improved distance dispersion.
  8. This https://www.instagram.com/p/CTSUz2lr7zD/
  9. There is a lot of support for players having the right to have spectators removed. Should this mean a player could have someone removed just because they didn't like them?
  10. I can understand players reporting actual offensive behavior to officials and then officials using their discretion to determine if that behavior warrants expulsion, but it appears that course officials will typically remove anyone at the behest of any player? It reminds me when Reed was asked to sign a shovel and he got the guy removed. Should players have the power to have anyone removed from the course? I am not so sure.
  11. You see this type of player all the time on the course. They just can't be wrong so everything is everyone else's fault. Always blaming a third party, environment, club, ball, or whatever. A poor shot or missed putt is never their fault. This is what I see in Bryson but I don't hate the guy. It's just a shame because it is clear that he has so much ability. It goes without saying that individuals who can't be wrong also don't like to loose. This is how to loose a tournament.
  12. A purchased a box of these and really enjoyed them. Great for putting and awesome around the green. The only downside is less distance with the longer irons and driver. 4 iron is almost 1/2 club shorter and driver about 5mph less ball speed as measured on the GC2/HMT. This almost certainly due to the lower compression. I would love to see this color option on the Z Star XV!
  13. I am exactly the same as the OP and struggle with reading greens. Being 100% right eye dominant on an eye that is both long and short sighted doesn't help. I was asked to play in a 36 hole foursomes match last month and got paired with an older gent that could just flat out read greens. Seriously, I don't think he missed a read and I had the best putting round of my life. He put me in positions where I had some ridiculously long lag puts. I would be reading a break from one side and then he advised that it was more like 2 ft the other side. He was right every time and I lagged EVERY long put to inside 3 feet, many of which were closer and conceded. It was unreal and although it was my best putting day I came away feeling completely inept at reading greens - a feeling I still can't shake to this day. He could just see things that I could not. I remember a putting lesson with a guy that worked with Faldo (after Leadbetter). His view was that the read was king. If the read was right then stroke and distance control will naturally happen. When the read is off the brain will interfere with the putting stroke and apply compensations that are likely to affect both line and distance. Great responses in this thread and I can definitely see where caddies that can read greens earn their $.
  14. You can't see how a blade is different? For a start a blade or any solid club head doesn't have a ultra thin face that is designed to deflect. That is an obvious variable. From what I can see the higher the club head speed the more inconsistent these hollow bodied heads are. I have demonstrated with P790's on my GC2/HMT varying ball speeds with the same club head speed and hit out of the center. They were also with very similar spin so not knuckle balls. Too many WXR's to count have reported the same distance issues. P770's may be better but they still have the same variable. As I have said in other threads, these type of clubs are great for slower swing speeds and/or longer clubs but once you get into the 80's with a 7i you "may" encounter the same issue. 90+ then forget it.
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