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  1. > @Lefty_13 said: > Anybody a member out at Las Colinas CC? Heard they had an exodus of members due to conditions. Drove by yesterday and it looks like they are redoing much of the course. Another ClubCorp victim? There were 70 of us that moved. We loved the course and the gambling that came out of it. But the course is run by people that have no clue what they are doing and truthfully some of the worst food and service around. Outside or T and Don in the men’s grille, the place is a total foul up. Hopefully they get it together but they have had so much turnover it isn’t lik
  2. > @gioguy21 said: > how light are you looking for Jake? Not crazy light. But I play a tensei orange in my m5 right now and it feels heavy/boreish.
  3. I know that’s a lot to ask for but looking for a great driver shaft with those specs above. Price doesn’t matter but going to put it into a g410 or cally. Same for a hybrid as I play a 19 hybrid instead of 3w. Let me know what you think.
  4. I’m taller and like lower profile shoes. True seems to have great low profile shoes but wanted to see if anyone else has a good recommendation. Also going to Ireland next month and wanting a super comfortable shoe for 7 days of walking golf.
  5. Just one item today and I have priced ready to sell. These were built for me at my club (four seasons Dallas) and have been playing off and on since 2016. I will trade for TM M5 3 wood./Hybrid with premium X shaft (tensei, GD AD or others) or a Cameron Phantom 5 putter. 5-PW DG x100 Super Stroke Grips 1/2 inch long and 1 up These clubs have the normal wear and tear of being used for 50ish rounds of golf and some practice sessions. Still tons of life in them and you know what they cost retail, even used. Happy to send more pictures if you DM me your cell. I will ship tomorrow before
  6. Thanks fellas. Going to Scotland on a last minute trip for a week and gonna play carnoustie and glen eagles. 2019 is a ridiculous golf year.
  7. I’ve got a set of custom ap2s that I had built 2 inches long and 2 up with tour issue x100. Question is and I’ve been looking for a high launching more forgiving iron. I think the consensus would be that the pings would do that for me, but I’m wondering if anyone has done that iron switch. Or at minimum, just give me some testimonial of your ping g410 experience now.
  8. Is anything beating the tensei right now?
  9. I am going to put an AD shaft into my 790 2 iron for some different shots. Amazon has them for 89 dollars in x flex saying Tour AD utility driving iron shaft. How is it so cheap on amazon when their shafts are usually 200+ dollars? Is that a scam or fake shaft knockoff?
  10. > @BleederFade said: > They did not change the adapter. But the threads of the adapter on the shaft may be a little messed up as it is older. Also the fairway and driver adapters are different so that could be a possible issue Thanks
  11. Did they change the tip this year? I got a ts2 head that doesn’t work into an old diamana shaft I have. It will sit on the shaft tip flush hit the screw won’t catch or begin to tighten. Anyone else have this?
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