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  1. jsmil4901

    32" Putter

    Is anyone gaming a 32" putter? I have been playing a 34" Newport 2.5 but was struggling with contact consistency. I had an old Odyssey 32" Newport style in the garage. On a whim I took it to the course and my putting seemed to improve. I'm not sure if the style of putter made the difference, or if the shorter length made the difference. So now I'm thinking of cutting down the Newport 2.5 to 32". It seems the shortest putter I see mentioned in any posts is a 33". Is this because of marketing, or is there a problem cutting a putter too short, posture etc...? I'm 5' 6" with longer arms for my tor
  2. That is a good idea, thank you. I could have the stock shaft pulled with the grip on and if I decided to sell later it may be helpful to have it.
  3. Thank you all for the comments. Much appreciated.
  4. Where can you buy another weight set if I need it?
  5. I have a Select Newport 2.5 34" with 2 15 gram weights. I've found out that I am way better suited to putt with a 32" putter. Question is should I shorten the Scotty, and if so would I need a new weight kit to make it feel right, or sell it as is and buy a custom made 32" putter. I like the look of the Newport 2.5 and love the feel. I think that the shortest Cameron only comes in 33" length, so I guess I would need to try and custom order. Anyone else challenged to find a 32" putter?
  6. I currently play an M2 3 wood which is not adjustable. I have problems hitting it from the fairway. Sometimes good, sometimes not so good. I'm thinking of replacing it with an adjustable 3 wood. Example the Epic Flash is adjustable loft range from 14 - 17 degrees. I feel that a 4 wood loft would be better for me. Has anyone done anything similar and does the loft adjustment make the "3 wood" easier to hit? I'm thinking of adjusting it to the 17 degree loft setting. The other option would be a 5 wood. Epic Flash 5 wood is adjustable from 17-20 degrees. I haven't dabbled with adjusting lofts so
  7. Are there two types of clients who show up for a fitting? No 1 is a 15 handicap who wants to get fitted to optimize his game. He has no preconceived notion as to what will work best for him and trusts the fitter to put him into the best club for his particular game. No 2 is a 15 handicap and he wants to play a specific iron. Let's say a blade. He wants the fitter to optimize a fit to make the particular iron work for his particular game. As a fitter do you see these types of situations? And if so which one is harder to fit?
  8. Up for sale RH Scotty Cameron Red X2 putter. Putter has been a gamer but is in average condition. 33" 350 G head weight. Grip is a white Golf pride pistol style. Original head cover is included and shaft band is badly worn. $160 shipped US only. No trades thank you. Plenty of life left in this classic Scotty. Reasonable offers will be considered. Next is a RH Taylormade 2016 M2 driver. Ozik white tie stiff shaft. Blue Golfpride tacky tour wrap grip. The club has nicks from normal use but has plenty of life left. No head cover. $135 shipped US only and no trades. Reasonable offers will be
  9. Excellent condition with Super Stroke Pistol 1.0 GT grip. Original head cover included. $230 or make me an offer shipped US only.
  10. @MonteScheinblum is this something that could be addressed through your paid lesson program?
  11. Maybe this is a better view to see the arm folding. Any help would be welcomed thanks.
  12. Does anyone have a fix to stop the left arm folding too quickly after impact? I guess you could call it a "chicken wing" but I usually make good contact and get good distance. During this shelter in place I've been trying to work on my swing in the garage, and this problem I cannot fix.
  13. Thank you Monte. It will take an outdoor range session to see if it is working, but it is a different fell for me and contact and speed off the club seem better.
  14. It feels like I am improving rotation with this move. Monte, are you saying that the goal is to have the arms and hips reach the same point prior to impact?
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