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  1. Thanks Monty. "delayed" may be what I'm doing, because I am still rotating.
  2. Could a too fast lower body rotation be causing this issue with contact? It seemed today that if I slowed the rotation in the downswing and was more square at impact my handsy issues were not a problem.
  3. I'm thinking that I am out of synch with my body rotation, and am rotating the lower body to fast in the downswing and I'm too open at impact. Could that be the problem?
  4. I've been trying for quite some time to limit my hand action at impact. I tend to have too active hands that can lead to poor contact and left of left shots. I also think I rotate too fast with my lower body which, with the active hands makes things worse. Today I tried to slow my lower body rotation and be closer to square at impact rather than way open. I hit the ball way better and direction was straight. Does this change make sense? Can too much and too fast lower body rotation cause poor impact and left shots? Or was todays fix just something that was a one off?
  5. Trying to figure out why? I've hit a great drive and I am 150 from the pin. I can hit a hard 8, or an easy 7. It seems if I hit the hard 8, I go long and left. I put the same swing as I normally would but just swing a little harder and faster. Why would this cause the long and left shot? The thing is I feel more comfortable swinging harder, so is the answer just to aim more right of the pin?
  6. Is anyone playing the Zelos Steel shafts in their irons? I currently play Recoil 780 stiff graphite in my CF16's but I was thinking of getting a new set of irons with a lightweight steel shaft. Possibly a Callaway combo set with the Zelos steel. I was curious with the comparisons with a lightweight steel and the graphite in an iron set. It looks like there are several weight versions of the Zelos. I think the Zelos 8 would be closest to the weight of my Recoils. Thanks in advance for any feedback.
  7. I ordered first week of November and didn't receive them till February 24th.
  8. ***SOLD*** Up for sale a set of new condition Ping i210 irons. Clubs have been hit at 2 range sessions only. 5-W, 6 clubs. Right handed, standard length, Ping AWT R flex steel shafts, orange dot, power specs. Golf pride standard grips. $615 shipped USA only. No trades.
  9. Hi Monte, I purchased the NTC video. Is section 10 similar to the arms doing nothing in the downswing? It looks like you rotate and don't do much with the arms actively. Or am I missing something. It does look similar to Jake Hutt arm discussion.
  10. I've been looking at some of Jake Hutts Instagram posts. In the downswing he says the arms do nothing. How do i get that feel? I know there has to be some impact from the arms, but where does it happen? He says it happens in the release, so at what point in the downswing will that release happen?
  11. I saw this parked at my local park in San Jose. Jake Hutt was giving a lesson in the trailer. dryvebox.com
  12. Can anyone recommend a good instructor in the San Jose area. I play off a 9 handicap and need help with consistency. I don't want to reinvent my swing just someone who can help with what I've got.
  13. I went to the range today to hit some balls. My last round I had several [email protected] with the wedges. Not sure why but they just came on. Anyway at the range I hit 7 irons, 5 irons, hybrids, drivers all solid strikes. I pulled out the 58 to hit some full shots......and bam [email protected] city. Does anyone have similar issues or an idea what is causing it? Kinda frustrating to be flushing everything else but having issues with short shots.
  14. Are the i210 iron heads all the same, or is the bounce adjusted for the retro spec or power specs?
  15. jsmil4901

    32" Putter

    Is anyone gaming a 32" putter? I have been playing a 34" Newport 2.5 but was struggling with contact consistency. I had an old Odyssey 32" Newport style in the garage. On a whim I took it to the course and my putting seemed to improve. I'm not sure if the style of putter made the difference, or if the shorter length made the difference. So now I'm thinking of cutting down the Newport 2.5 to 32". It seems the shortest putter I see mentioned in any posts is a 33". Is this because of marketing, or is there a problem cutting a putter too short, posture etc...? I'm 5' 6" with longer arms for my tor
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