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  1. I’ve been fighting this problem pretty hard the past couple years not putting my ego aside...I have not gamed them yet but I really liked the PXG 0211 on the range. Really soft for a cast iron (bag chatter soft), and really easy to strike center. Down to one bucket of balls a week (or less) and then showing up to my 1-2 tournaments a year and subsequently either shooting 80 or 100 just plain isn’t cutting it anymore for my mp32. Ive found the Vapor Pros to be a bit more forgiving though, if you can stomach Nike. They have weight out towards the toe to help those of us toe strike m
  2. Wish I had the funds...these things in my specs only seem to pop up at bad times. lol
  3. I’m wondering if anybody has experience with the MMT shafts in irons. I’ve been contemplating ordering 0211s with them for awhile now but not sure exactly how light the 80g is....have seen the reviews that say they have weighted tips to make the heads feel heavier. I don’t like the elevate shafts. Not a big fan of $50 upcharges for steelfibers lol some shafts ive liked - steelfiber cw’s . have hit the 110 stiff in 0211 and loved it, felt a tad light but doable ctaper lite 108-109mph ss thank you!
  4. M5 Tour 9* in pretty good shape. Comes with new SIM headcover. Hoping to sell head only but open to including the HZRDUS black smoke 6.0 stiff (70) if needed. $225 head...$210 SHAFT SOLD
  5. Used srixon z765 with Oban Revenge Stiff. Length in last picture (45ish?). Head is in pretty good shape, couple scratches in the gloss that I don’t notice at address, just trying to disclose, see pics. NDMC grip is almost new. Underrated driver imo.
  6. Mizuno MP-18 MMC Fli-Hi 2 iron with a KBS TGI 95 graphite iron shaft (stiff), Winn dri tac grip in good shape. 140 shipped obo
  7. Nice PXG Gen 2 0311x 3 iron (19* standard loft) with a Projext X Evenflow Blue Handcrafted 85x shaft. Grip is in excellent condition, face and sole also in good shape. Custom grind on the sole to help a bit more out of the fairway. Was sold to me as tour issue but I have no idea how/if to confirm. Great fairway finder, going to get fitted for a new one this winter. $160 shipped
  8. How does the offset look to you guys? I play to a 2-5 handicap with a (usually) baby draw but my practice time is dwindling...kids. Have been haggling with giving up the blades for awhile and trying to get into something a little more friendly for those breaks in between hitting. Don’t really have the budget to spend thousands on irons or else I’d be probably playing 0311T but these 0211s fit in my price range vs the box brands.
  9. Really nice set of 3-pw VR pro combo up for sale with 55/59 vokey sm4. KBS tour black nickel that were sold to me as S+, labels removed for cleaner look. Multicompound grips in good shape. One tiny nick in the 9i toe that is not visible from address. Not going to find many VR sets left that are nicer than these. Vokeys are in used condition, grooves are good with no browning. $400 shipped for 3-PW, $440 with the vokeys.
  10. Nice shape for age epic subzero with fujikura tour spec 66 xstiff shaft. Longer bombs than Phyllis. Matching headcover included. $140 shipped to your door. PayPal is [email protected]
  11. Had some expenses come up this weekend so can’t have extra iron sets...FS a nice set of Cobra Forged Tec one length black 3-pw with recoil x stiff shafts. Haven’t seen many other sets with the 3i...if buyer didn’t want i might be interested in keeping it. Grips are in good shape. Price is OBRO, $450...$425 shipped for 4-pw, $500...$475 for 3-pw.
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