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  1. putting up another ad, not much luck the first time. looking for Xstiff/ stiff (elevate in stiff won’t work).
  2. I do not know the answer to that, bought off here a couple weeks ago.
  3. One driver shaft left - $140...$120 shipped - Tour AD-TP 6s, tip has been pulled professionally. ~ 43.75”, Plays ~45 in my RADspeed driver, see picture for actual length.
  4. Yes, I am aware of the unending “sale” they have thanks. Looking for some, either generation. Stiff premium shaft (graphite or steel), X can be stock or premium. Heavier is better. ideal specs (standard wouldn’t be a deal breaker, but i was fitted) :: 1/2” short, 2* upright, 44-45* PW. (would be 2* weak in the newer model)
  5. 2 items today. $190 SIM 2 Max 5 wood w/ Ventus Stiff. Excellent shape, just not going to use it. No headcover. $175...$160 shipped - Callaway Mavrik Tour issue TC serial 15* 3 wood with Hzrdus handcrafted T1100 6.5 75g in excellent shape, grip in good condition. Comes with matching headcover
  6. 4 or 5-p preferably with Steelfiber or x100, as those were the finalists but will give a listen to any. Fitted yesterday and specs were- 1/2” short 2* up 1 or 2* strong Specs won’t be a deal breaker but a plus if they’re in that area.
  7. I just bought a clean 917f2 16.5 for $75 that blew the doors off my mavrik with t1100. Took 3 swings and left the store lol, it felt that much better. Titleist did something right with those “old” fairways.
  8. Yes same here. Elevate/Elevate tour a total no go, modus 120s eh, PX LZ 6.0 was ok but too spinny. It came down to 120g x100 and the 115s fc. x100 were “good,” but was having to work a bit harder/misses a bit worse, and the fibers were a fair amount faster/straighter.
  9. Was fitted into the 115fc stiff today but not really loving the price lol (and not many in secondary market it seems). Anybody know if there is a significant difference between these two? Ultimately I’ll probably end up buying the 115s if there is, it is what it is. (PXG 0211ST was the irons)
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