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  1. Hi I’m currently playing Maltby TEs with FST 115 stiff, and seeing some excessive spin, at least I think so. Looking for recommendations for lower spin steel shafts. thanks
  2. Thanks guys, this is the info I’m after, experience hitting both and then choosing a preference. MMBs it is then.
  3. That’s my concern with the TEs in the shorter irons, how much do they balloon vs the higher COG MMBs. I’m not a big fan of offset either. I like some aspects of each model, but there isn’t one that is exactly what I want. I think the COG is the more important feature as compared to the offset though. Does this make sense?
  4. Hi I am torn between the Maltby TEs and the MMB-17s, so I’m thinking of a combination set, 5-7 in TE and 8-pw in MMB. Does anyone have experience with this setup or something similar? Any reason I shouldn’t do this? Would I be better picking a complete set of either one? Thanks in advance
  5. Hi I have a Kuro Kage iron shaft that I’m considering putting into a hybrid head. Is there any significant differences between this shaft and the hybrid version of this shaft? Are hybrid shafts that much different in general? I have seen WRXers that have shafted hybrids with steel iron shafts... Thanks in advance.
  6. I have a 10.5 XR head in great shape and would trade straight up. I’m in Canada. PM me if interested
  7. Check these out maybe... https://www.sportchek.ca/categories/shop-by-sport/golf/mens-golf-clubs/wedges/product/nike-engage-dual-sole-wedge-331755376.html# https://www.sportchek.ca/categories/shop-by-sport/golf/mens-golf-clubs/wedges/product/nike-engage-square-wedge-331755325.html# https://www.sportchek.ca/categories/shop-by-sport/golf/mens-golf-clubs/wedges/product/nike-engage-toe-sweep-wedge-331755389.html#
  8. I play PW at 44, and have a set matched GW at 48, then a 52 and 58. The GW is for play full shots around 110 yards, 52 for anything inside that, and 58 from bunkers or short sided pitches. Keeps it simple.
  9. I do! I hit it about 240, and driver is only about 250. The ball explodes off the face of my 3w, and the best strikes are when I lay off a bit. My driver swing is way more violent, and resultingly unpredictable. I only hit driver on par 5s now.
  10. I have a set of XV Pro heads 4-gw that I'm looking to sell. PM me if interested.
  11. AXE xcalibur pro stiff
  12. I have a driver swing speed around 95 mph and I have a quick transition. Looking for suggestions for a 5 wood shaft that won't break the bank. Thanks in advance.
  13. I have an Accusite and love it. Built it with a black Apollo shaft and black and white SS GTR pistol. Added the 15g weights and it is killer. Face milling is very rough, which was a little weird at first, but it feels solid and puts a good roll on the ball. My playing partner turned up his nose at it, until he used it for a hole. Madenhim think twice about components.
  14. I have a 3-PW set of Project X 5.0 .370 parallel tips shafts that I want to put into a set of 4-GW heads. I'm concerned they may not be stiff enough if I soft step them into the heads. I've done a bit of searching here but haven't found anyone that has had a similar situation. If i tip trim them, say 1/4" - 1/2", will this maintain their stiffness without compromising them? Will this turn them into a Project X 5.5? Thanks
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