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  1. lol i love it. has hovland given any putts? seems like hes been in the groups where hes not conceded any short putts. its hard to keep track though with the 5mins of coverage and 7 mins of commercials
  2. with how this is going, im kinda glad tomorrow isnt gonna be worth watching...we never get the singles matches we really want anyway with the strategy to try and get max points. we might actually get a couple if this is like 11-5 or 12-4 at the end of today.
  3. not gonna be hearing any of that olay olay olay crap the rest of the weekend woot!
  4. whew great time for Thomas to finally hit a great shot
  5. there wont be any, people hate being wrong as armchair QBs
  6. not defending him, but he has a pretty damn weak team in general this year. i think the thought process was put westy/fitz out together so at most they lose just 1 point. but i agree he shouldnt have had westy or fitz playing at all today
  7. whats worse? turdburglers bad irons or westies bad putting?
  8. great shot out of there, then berger leaves a turdburgler of a putt short. holy hell dude
  9. this is why old farts shouldnt be rules officials. holy hell are these guys out of touch with the game of golf
  10. i 100% agreed with the reasoning for not picking Reed, but there were 3 or 4 better options over berger.
  11. Patrick Reed sitting at home ready to kill someone after watching Berger absolutely choke on shot after shot here today haha
  12. him and westy....unlike the younger guys that are so focused on fitness...these two are your beer drinking homies that are also good at golf
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