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  1. I want to repaint the dots of my Scotty in black and I would like to have the same translucent effect as the factory red dots. How can I achieve that? Thanks
  2. As for the weights, do I need to remove them to change their color or not? I can't figure where's the paint.
  3. Any idea for the color pattern? Maybe paint the plate black?
  4. It's still winter here in Canada and since I can't play for another several weeks, I want to do a makeover to my Scotty Cameron. I want to do it myself since it would be way too expensive to send it to the shop...so I need some help. First, I will only change the colors of the dots, the cherry bomb/lettering and the weight. So... - How do I remove the paint on those parts? - For the paint, Testors should be fine? And I can use either a toothpick or a needled bottle right? - And, for the color layout, any ideas? I'm putting a SS Midnight Grip (Silver) so I was thinking of staying with the black/silver layout, with maybe a more flashy color for a dot and some lettering...should I keep the cherry bomb with the silver finish or paint it black? Thanks!
  5. So I was looking to get a Ping putter and just saw a price drop here in Canada for the Bettinardi BB series. I can't try any of them because there's no place to try them around where I live but I'm tempted to just go for it and buy the BB32. What should I know before pulling the trigger? There's also the counterbalanced option, but I think I'd go regular but with a midsize grip.
  6. vlVlv

    Grip suggestions

    So many options. And some of them are hard to find at a decent price in Canada.
  7. vlVlv

    Grip suggestions

    I have a 34 inch Odyssey white ice #9 with the original grip and I want to try something new. I want to go with a bigger grip and gain more control over the head. From what I've understand, a heavier grip would probably help. I know the supersroke is popular, but I don't really like the colours...I want something blackish/grayish. So what should I try?
  8. If you guys could post pictures it would be awesome. I've seen very few home made pictures of this putter.
  9. That's what I thought. I was just wondering if some grips would hurt the balance of the club because of the weigh of the putter.
  10. Have anyone used that putter before? I've tried it the other day and fell in love. I wanted a Daddy Long Legs plus but the Senita B felt better.
  11. Can you grip a counterbalanced putter in any ways? Like the left hand low grip...
  12. I wonder when it's gonna be available in Canada. I would really like to try it. I'm looking for a new putter and I kind of like the idea of having a counterbalanced putter.
  13. Bio Cell driver - 150 Bio Cell wood - 140 Adams tight lies wood - 100 TM speedblade - 460 Adams 3 wedge set - 100 Odyssey white ice - 120 All brand new and in Canadian dollars.
  14. I'd give another thumbs up for the bio cell!
  15. I'd give another thumbs up for the bio cell!
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