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  1. Just one item today, not interested in trades at this time. Price is shipped and I’m open to reasonable offers. $old (this would be $810 new through Peoples Clubs)
  2. Tour Issue Mavrik 4 wood with hzrdus yellow smoke small batch 80tx $340 obro. I do not have the spec sticker as I’m not the original owner. No trades.
  3. All prices are OBO and includes shipping CONUS but I’m not really interested in trades at this time. •Bubbawhips “the umbrellas” $OLD •Precision Pro nx7 Pro w/ slope - bought this new in July but don’t really use it now that I have Arccos. $OLD •Nike Zoom Infinity Tour size 10 - again bought these when they came out, wore them for 9 holes. I’ve broken in my white pair of them so I always seem to wear those. $125 •Callaway Mavrik Pro 20° with Graphite Design AD-HY 95x. Won’t be too mad if this doesn’t sell, actually the first hybrid I haven’t hooked off the planet.
  4. All prices are obo and include shipping conus. Not looking for trades! 1. M Craft is 34” with original headcover and weight kit (not pictured). Used for maybe 15 rounds. $old 2. HMB with KBS Tour Proto Hybrid 105x. I picked this up a week or two ago and I just don’t hit it enough to try and warrant the spot in my bag. Zcord grip was put on late last week and should be around D2 SW and is 40” $old
  5. Just one Odyssey Toulon Austin 34” with Stroke Lab shaft and flat cat grip. Price was $225 now $200 shipped. Only trade I’d even consider is a Ventus Velocore Blue 6x driver shaft with TM tip.
  6. Is the 4 wood still available or did someone buy it? PM sent @speeder717
  7. All prices are OBO but please do not offer me trades, I’m not interested. Please pm me with any questions. 1. Sugarloaf Social club blade - $100 2. Sugarloaf Social club 3 wood cover by Seamus - $100 3. Sugarloaf Social club blade cover by NeedleGolf - $80 4. Travis Matthews Yanks 1/4 zip NWT - $old
  8. Mavrik Pro...if I make a bad swing (never happens *sarcasm*) it’ll hook but I’ve actually been able to fade it.
  9. Just one item today - Mizuno MP20 HMB 3 iron with a Hzrdus Smoke 6.0. Bent to 18° of loft, 1° flat, and 39.25”. Less than 10 swings on it, surprisingly found a hybrid I don’t hook off the planet. $150 shipped conus obro
  10. Galvin Green Ventil8 grey shorts 36”. I bought these a while back hoping they ran big...they definitely do not. Cheapest I’ve found them online is $63 plus shipping. Asking $old shipped conus
  11. Not sure what year this is from, bought it off one of the Facebook groups don’t even think I used it before buying a single strap carry bag. No rips, tears, stains or defects that I can see. $OLD shipped obro (keeping in mind shipping costs)
  12. Title says it all, just one item today. Not looking for trades as I have my eye on something already. Prices is $OLD shipped conus obro.
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