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  1. Been looking at it also. I searched reviews and not much on it since it’s the new model, I guess.
  2. Which model? I’m looking hard at the new W11
  3. I have yet to find a complaint with my CLK. Easy launch and it flies.
  4. I read somewhere a person called Garmin and the rep said only real upgrade was the cosmetics.
  5. I go driver, 5W, Hybrid, 4I. I can hit my 5W better with more launch (love the height) and just as far as my 3W. The gaps are good. As far as the 7W goes, I’d like to test some to see
  6. Little update. I went with the Venu Sq. Love the size, very accurate and battery life is good. No regrets at all
  7. I have the ST190 5W and hit my daughters STZ 5w. After I hit hers, I told her to put it away and NOT let me hit it again LOL It was SO good
  8. Amazon but Sunfish is who made them. The daughter has a Thin Blue Line Punisher and a Black Punisher on hers. They are awesome
  9. Actually did last night. I’d say they performed really well and a very understated ball. Long, high, cuts wind, and has plenty of spin.
  10. 921 Forged 950 NEO Reg 5-G / 4FliHi / 54&58 T20
  11. Got them cut down and gripped. Anything below 33” they don’t do. Now the daughter and I have our new #6s
  12. Daughter and I got some more tools. All I know is, I may end up with a 5W also LOL
  13. I have the 14 and is firm but in a good way. This putter feels really good and the distance control is awesome. Went from a Newport to this and my putting improved a lot.
  14. Has anyone used a Garmin smart watch for golf other than the stand alone golf watch? From what I can tell, the golf feature is basically the same as their reg golf gps, is that correct?
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