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  1. What spot in the bag is "due" for a change? What do you currently have and issues you have with it? What have you looked into/tested so far? And a follow up after initial testing/honeymoon: has it resolved the problem?
  2. What would you tell yourself? What would you do differently? Seven months in and one lesson later, I finally feel comfortable swinging a club. When building a repeatable swing, what habits should a new golfer embed from the very beginning? One of the first, most fundamental was to take more time and think in between range balls. Any others?
  3. After breaking 100, lurking the site, and doing research, I'm ready to purchase my first set of budget but nice golf clubs. Any recommendations and golf buying strategies are welcome, but I hope to use this set for many years to come. I am getting lessons and my swing changes frequently, so would used clubs would preferable to custom fit, how much do you think it matters? Additionally, wedges are a bit more personal, so would it be smart to hit them before hand, or are certain wedges (Cleveland, Vokey) preferable and should be bought used and at a cheaper price as well? Current cart global golf prices Bio Cell Driver- $50 V-Steel- $20 G25 3H- $65 G5 4-pw- $210 I searched for this topic so delete this post if it breaks any rules, but seems like there aren't too many new golfers posting on this website Intimidating bunch you guys, but thanks for the great golf content and the help!
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