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  1. Long shot but seeing if anyone is parting with their set of 2021 T100 5-pw.
  2. For sale: -Lefty Mizuno MP20SEL irons 5-PW in excellent condition with steelfiber i110 stiff flex iron shafts. Installed custom ferrules and brand new Golf Pride New Decade grips. Loved the irons but just can't game blades - hate to see them go. Asking $800 $700 OBO. -Left handed EVNROLL ER5 in all black 355g head, 34", with a Super Stroke Pistol GT1 grip that was just put on this year. Putter is in excellent shape and has one ding on the face (seen in picture). You cannot buy the left handed murdered out all black version on the site (only silver version). Other than that ding the putter is in mint condition. EVNROLL Mallet headcover included. Selling for $350 $300 $250 OBRO -Mizuno JPX 921SEL 5 iron soft stepped once with a GP new decade grip. Kbs tour stiff steel shaft. $120 OBO
  3. Interesting. Now I just need to find a 11x at a decent price. Figure it would be like an extra $2/300 to fully make the switch.
  4. Contemplating buying a Scotty Phantom 11x and flipping it from RH to LH. Anyone recommend a good person to do this at not an insane price? Any estimates on how much that would cost? Is it worth it (is it ever)?
  5. 1. City and State? - Brooklyn, NY 2. Handicap? 3.4 3. Where do you practice? at my club and driving range occasionally 4. Have you used a personal launch monitor before? No 5. Do you have a current iOS device to use with the Ernest software? Yes 6. Do you agree to take high quality photos, write an in-depth review, and be part of an on-going testing thread? YES
  6. Interesting. I play the 610 in my wedges and the Ventus blue 6x and 7x in my driver and fairway wood. Maybe i should just go 8 or 9x for the hybrid too. I had the hzrdus black and its been a bit too stout for me as of late as i get older.
  7. I was a die hard 990 user from the early thousands to 2014. Used Apex pros and loved the distance gain but they were just too hot sometimes. Found the Mizuno MP18SC's not long ago and absolutely love them. Hit them just as far as the apex pros and found playability and distance reliability to be spot on.
  8. Hi All - I currently game the KBS tour 120g stiff iron shaft in 5-pw in my Mizuno MP18SC's. Thinking of adding a 4 iron (probably the 2021 T200 irons) and was thinking of throwing in a graphite shaft instead of going with the KBS tours. Was leaning towards the Graphite Design AD DI driving iron shaft but was wondering if anyone had anything else they recommend along the lines of the KBS tour without doing an iron fitting. Any suggestions would be great.
  9. -I currently game the Ventus Blue 6x and love it! -Would love the Ventus Blue 6-TX for something a little more stout -This would definitely go in the driver
  10. I will say I got the ER2 a year or so ago and have made more putts under 10 ft than I have in my life. The lag putts I seem to lose a little more feel. I am a mediocre at absolute best. I keep tinkering with other putters and shapes but keep coming back to this. Just picked up a Black ER5 and still need to practice with it to see how I feel. Definitely has a more pingy noise coming off the face vs the ER2.
  11. For sale: SOLD - Compass Newport 009m style putter with a raw face that will rust over time. 34" 370g weight with a mint condition Super Stroke tour 1.0 and a black KBS Tour shaft. Only reason i'm selling this putter is that I've learned the hard way that I cannot put with blades. I would stack these putters up against any other putter out there - amazing quality. I will include the Fliers Club Dormie headcover if sold for my ask price $100 - Srixon Z585 5 iron with a soft stepped KBS Tour stiff shaft in excellent condition. GP new decade grip in almost new condition - Only gamed for half a season $150 - Diamana BF TX70 3w shaft measured at 42.5" tip to butt end with a Titleist adapter in great shape with a like new GP new decade grip. Will send more pics upon request.
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