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  1. go Bonobos golf shorts in the shorter inseam. You'll never go to another pair
  2. Yeah i got it built to 370g in an oilcan 009 style. Came out awesome. I posted some pics earlier in the thread of it.
  3. I dont think he charges extra for different finishes. I did the rusted oil can finish and it was the same pricing I believe.
  4. For sale: 2017 Bettinardi Studio Stock #3 Left handed 34" 358G putter in excellent condition - Would rate it 9/10. Don't have the stock headcover but will include a generic EVNROLL putter cover that works. Asking $200 $175 OBRO Let me know if you want more pictures
  5. Here are the pics he sent of mine. i just got it in hand. It rolls awesome and I’d say the feel is just as good as a Scotty Cameron. As a lefty its impossible to find any Newport style heads and as heavy as 370g. if you’re on the fence I highly recommend getting one.
  6. I ordered one a couple weeks ago and hes been working on it. Went with a 009 style oilcan putter with custom stampings. I'll post some pics once I get it. Can't wait. Since I'm a lefty seems this is the best route for a newport style putter as it seems they become harder and harder to find. Just can't justify spending $2k on a circle T
  7. For sale is a left handed head only Titleist TS3 9.5 degree. There is only one nick on the driver head out on the top of the clubhead on the back towards the toe. Not really noticeable unless you're looking for it. I can include a TSi3 headcover if needed. Some normal wear on the face but other than that in excellent condition. Will sell for $150 $125 OBRO.
  8. Do you have pics of it? Ive been interested in doing the same thing to match Spieth's 009 but in lefty. How's the feel? Ive also been debating Bryon Morgan who has a bit more of a track record but is a bit more in price.
  9. 1. What is your nearest Titleist fitting location, search HERE - TrueSpec Emigrant Bank NYC 2. City and State? Brooklyn, NY 5. Handicap? 5.9 index 4. Current Driver Setup? Titleist Ts3 9.5 in a kurokage XT 60TX 5. Were you fit for your current driver? - No 6. What TSi head do you want to test? - TSi3 7. Do you agree to participate in an ongoing testing thread, posting reviews and photos? Yes and Yes I'm dying to try these drivers out....they look incredible!
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