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  1. Ideally with a Titleist tip - not tipped. Willing to try either
  2. I ordered one a couple weeks ago and hes been working on it. Went with a 009 style oilcan putter with custom stampings. I'll post some pics once I get it. Can't wait. Since I'm a lefty seems this is the best route for a newport style putter as it seems they become harder and harder to find. Just can't justify spending $2k on a circle T
  3. For sale is a left handed head only Titleist TS3 9.5 degree. There is only one nick on the driver head out on the top of the clubhead on the back towards the toe. Not really noticeable unless you're looking for it. I can include a TSi3 headcover if needed. Some normal wear on the face but other than that in excellent condition. Will sell for $150 $125 OBRO.
  4. Do you have pics of it? Ive been interested in doing the same thing to match Spieth's 009 but in lefty. How's the feel? Ive also been debating Bryon Morgan who has a bit more of a track record but is a bit more in price.
  5. 1. What is your nearest Titleist fitting location, search HERE - TrueSpec Emigrant Bank NYC 2. City and State? Brooklyn, NY 5. Handicap? 5.9 index 4. Current Driver Setup? Titleist Ts3 9.5 in a kurokage XT 60TX 5. Were you fit for your current driver? - No 6. What TSi head do you want to test? - TSi3 7. Do you agree to participate in an ongoing testing thread, posting reviews and photos? Yes and Yes I'm dying to try these drivers out....they look incredible!
  6. submitted. Would love to hit the orange in driver and woods! Good enough for Rory (pre switch to Ventus) good enough for me! Im interested to see how they stack up vs my Kurokage XT gamer.
  7. Wonder how that shaft fits vs the Kurokage and the Tensei orange. I play the Kurokage XT and always wonder if its worth hitting others...
  8. They look so good from address from what I saw.....just from the quick glances look like the old pear shape of the 975's
  9. For sale is a Black Taylor Made MG2 sand wedge 56.12 With a KBS Tour 610 wedge stiff shaft and a brand new MCC new decade blue standard grip. I’d rate the condition 9/10. Asking for $150 $140 PRICE DROP $125 Lets get this wedge moved! SOLD! Im also going to be traveling until 8/30 but will ship right away once I get back.
  10. Yeah not available. Went with a Srixon Z585 5 iron weakened 1 degree and soft stepped. We'll see what happens.
  11. Coming from a lefty here so this makes things a bit more unique - But wondering if anyone has replaced their 5 iron with something more forgiving. I hit my 6-PW in the Mizuno MP18SC's perfectly but for some reason just cant get the 6 iron to flight consistently. Anyone recommend any similar profile/offset clubs to sub in without going to a hybrid or driving iron. Currently playing them with the KBS tour 120's Stiff. Been thinking of maybe throwing in a Taylor Made P760 or Ping I210's.
  12. Selling a Taylor Made MG2 50.09SB degree gap wedge in excellent condition. Id rate it a 9.5/10. Stiff KBS Tour 610 wedge 120 steel shaft and a golf pride tour velvet cord grip in like new condition. Played less than 10 rounds with it so far asking $120 OBRO. Wedge would be close to $200 ordering online now
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