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  1. Callaway apex 19 smoke 5-a iron set 1* flat extended .5” but can be easily removed with elevate 95 stiff flex black steel shafts $old shipped NO TRADES US SHIPPING ONLY
  2. G425 max in the flat setting for me had been straight to a small fade. Also the epic flash sz with weight in fade position was good as well.
  3. Looking for an sm8 58*
  4. Looking for a some 3 wood head cover not the new sim2
  5. odyssey protype 2 black 34” with 1” extension $oldshipped with headcover Ping i210 5-w xp95 r300 regular flex shafts red dot 1* flat power spec lofts standard length. 7 iron has a mark on sole but does not effect play. $499 shipped NO TRADES US SHIPPING ONLY
  6. I just used it as well. Did you get yours personalized? Thanks for the code!
  7. Custom ordered toulon garage strokelab atlanta 34” black finish $old shipped Vokey sm8 56.12 d grind all stock $90 shipped NO TRADES US SHIPPING ONLY
  8. The 425 max has made me sell the tsi3 and not think twice. Yea the sound is not the best but you have to miss the ball completely to hit this thing bad. It is beating the 400max by an easy 15 yards and I believe its even more forgiving. I am playing a tensei raw orange in the 425 and a tour 65 in the 400max but I don’t think its all to do with the shafts being different. Its really an unbelievable club after 10 rounds with it and I try them all.
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