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  1. I'll take the cash. But if you put the words "golf" & "fantasy" together, it has to involve Paige Spiranac.
  2. I can't speak for the 919 forged or tour, but I went from the 850 forged to 18MMC, turf interaction is much better with the MMCs. I'm not afraid to take a divot with them. Workability is a little better too.
  3. Teardrop- don't remember what happened to it, I think I gave it to a neighbors son who was taking up the game Odyssey White Hot XG 330- still have it Odyssey Versa #2- sold it to a coworker Odyssey White Hot RX #9- still have it TM Spider Tour red- current putter
  4. It's Raining Again- Supertramp
  5. Never heard of them, looks like knock-off MCCs
  6. Itsy bitsy is an older model, but not much difference. The face insert might be different.
  7. I have both. 21* TS2 7w HZRD smoke 6.0 , & 21* 915h Diamana blue. They do different things for me. Both are good off the tee, but the 7w is mainly for fairway shots 220-230 yd. Hybrid is good for 200-210 fairway shots, but very useful for a get out of trouble type shot. Sometimes a low punch that goes about 150-160, or a open face cut shot that'll start straight and turn right about 30 degree off centerline for about a 185-190 yd shot. Been several times I've been right side rough on a par 5, 2nd shot with trees to deal with, no direct line back to the center, I'll aim left across the fai
  8. TS2 7W: 215-220yd 915h 3H: 195-205 yd MP18 fli-hi 4i: 180-190 yd MP18 MMC 5i: 175yd
  9. I've been playing a TM R15 for the last 3-4 years, it's been good, but I was curious about the high MOI weight low & back craze for the last couple years. I picked up a M6 with stock Atmos orange shaft. I hated everything about this club: the feel, sound,and shots I was getting from this thing. I even put the Tensei blue from the R15 in it, no luck. I thought what the heck, got my R9 that's been sitting in the garage, put the heavy weight in the back position, voila, hitting nice straight to baby draws with it. My misses are usually right. Also got me to realize that I'm not very fond of t
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