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  1. Personally I think this new PCC and the new handicap system in general is absolute crap. I’m not normally one to moan and can generally see when something is done for the greater good but all this has done here in the UK from the folk that I’ve spoken to is massively complicate things and for what benefit?
  2. Yeah that’s what it is looking at. Will be interesting to see how it all unfolds
  3. FYI 4 of my last 10 rounds at Carnoustie involved the CSS going up. So yeah you’re right it wasn’t 25% it was 40%
  4. I don’t think you understand that we are coming from a completely different handicap culture to what you guys have in the states. Our handicaps are calculated from competition rounds where every gross and nett score is published after so I could check the calculation if I wanted to. I also don’t really care if auguster from the internet doesn’t “buy” that 25% of my rounds in the old system had an adjustment. When you play your golf at one of the toughest courses in the world this happens!
  5. The lowest gross was 76 by a plus 3 handicapper
  6. Yeah they do. All the scores were entered on Saturday as it was a comp and posted on how did I do on Saturday night
  7. member at Carnoustie. Course rating/slope of 75.2/139 or 73.6/135 depending on the tees used. to give an example, we had 100 people playing on Saturday and the lowest nett score was 75 for the 73.6/135 tee set. I don’t understand how there was no playing condition calculation adjustment for that
  8. It hurts me because as a plus handicapper I need to keep my handicap low to get me into tournaments, as when they are over subscribed they get balloted out on handicap
  9. That’s great for you guys but unfortunately for me I play at an incredibly tough links course with fairly awful weather at times and under the old system I would estimate that the old “competition standard scratch” would change upwards for at least 25% of the rounds I played. This new system will definitely hurt people like me and it’s disappointing that they’ve not made the calculation public
  10. I have to say it’s really disappointing that no one seems to know much about this. As someone who plays at a links course conditions can vary so much that this defonlooks a step backwards for us
  11. So I played my first round at the weekend using the new world handicapping system and have some queries about the new “playing conditions calculation” Does anyone have any idea how this is calculated? I’ve tried Google and coming up with nothing. The reason I ask is that under the old UK system the css for my round on Saturday would have gone up by at least 2 shots based on the conditions, but for the new playing conditions calculation, it doesn’t appear that any adjustment has been made. Can anyone help?
  12. do you find the twist face helps on heel strikes?
  13. It’s already a half inch shorter
  14. Yeah I have to say the new ping is the one that intrigues me the most. It seems to get great reviews everywhere. How does it compare to the new titleist drivers for forgiveness?
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