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  1. I commented this earlier in this thread a few years ago but feel it is worth reiterating again. im a member at Carnoustie. We hosted the woman’s British open in 2011 from a tee set that played about 6500 for the week. FYI I’m a plus 1 that has ranged from between scratch and plus 3 Over the last 10 years. The winning score that week was -16. There was so many scores in the 60s that week it wasn’t funny. I know the tees the girls played that week and it has a standard scratch score of 74 which roughly equates to an American course index of 74 I think. So on a good day a 4 ha
  2. That’s the one thing I’m struggling with at the moment. When doing practice swings etc. I have a feel for the move I need to make. Put me over the ball however, and even using the tour striker smart ball I really struggle to get a feel for what it is I need to do. I’m hoping that the constant practice swings will help me eventually but that is the thing that is bothering me most at the moment
  3. So I’m doing a number of things I described earlier on. Trying to practice twice a day for 45 mins at a time, hitting slow shots, pausing at the top of my swing. I’m using the tour striker smart ball a lot. I’m not trying to think of anything on the course I’m leaving that to the range. Its going to be a slow process unfortunately
  4. So I was back at the driving today for the first time since Thursday last week. A combination of work and bad weather here in stormy Scotland meant this was the first time I’ve hit balls in almost a week. My lunchtime session was tragically bad. Near enough every shot I hit with the tour striker smart ball so the ball bounce out. I went again later in the afternoon and was so much better. Then went again in the evening and it was much better again. I guess it goes to show that you can’t really afford to take too many breaks when making a swing change, especially early on or you can end up back
  5. That video is absolutely fascinating. I was back at the range today and videod my swing and definitely noticed a regression from the screen shots I posted the other day. The positive I have taken from this thread tho is that that is ok. Swing changes aren’t linear and you will sometimes go backwards before you go forwards. it has given me much more confidence to stick with this going forward. I believe I will get there and believe this will make me a better player going forward
  6. Thanks for all the comments guys. It was really interesting reading through this and seeing the experiences everyone else has had. I completely agree about getting too dependant on the tour striker smart ball. I actually purchased the training band thing that keeps your arms together. I might introduce that into my practice sessions as well to mix up the feels a little bit. Someone further up suggested not playing competitive rounds and just concentrating on practice just now. I’m actually going to do the complete opposite of that. I’ll do my little drills in my ore shot routine then focus on
  7. That was kind of my expectation/fear. Looks like I need to update my practice time to 3 sessions a day now!
  8. So I had a lesson recently and I’m now working on shallowing out my downswing. I’ve got some internal shoulder rotation of my trail arm going on that causes me to get steep then all manner of things after that. My question is how long/how many balls until I start to see a difference? I’ve been working on this for almost 2 weeks now. I practice for 45 minutes twice a day. I do slow deliberate moves. I hit shots at half speed, 3/4 speed then full speed. I use the tour striker smart ball on every shot. There is definitely an improvement when I use the smart ball. Then when I hit a shot without i
  9. Just seen this. I’m a member at Carnoustie. When are you looking to play?
  10. Thanks for all the suggestions guys really appreciate it. I actually hadn’t considering flying. I will need to look into that more. It does concern me a touch it Pasatiempo are punching their greens. I also hadn’t considered Torrey pines either. Will look into that. The desert course suggestion is interesting. I have the option of playing the quarry at la Quinta. What is it like?
  11. Hi guys looking for some advice here. im heading over to LA from Scotland as I have been lucky enough to be invited for a game at riviera. Whilst I’m there I’m looking to try and play a few other places. I’m arriving Saturday 18th of April at 6pm and leaving Thursday 23rd of April at 8pm. I’m playing riviera the Tuesday. I would absolutely love to play pebble and Pasatiempo whilst I’m across. With the schedule and the timings I have, is it practical to try and fit that in? Google maps suggest it’s 5hrs up to pebble from LA which whilst long, I have done drives like that in the states before.
  12. Yeah it is off a mat with a pro v 1
  13. Descent angle is 51 degrees and spin 6000
  14. Quick question. My club speed with a 7 iron is 90mph and my ball speed is 115-120mph. However my launch angle is stupidly high at 21-22 degrees. How much distance am I losing and what would be the optimal launch angle for me?
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