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  1. What is everybody’s most embarrassing golf confession- a habit, a bad round, an errant shot....ready, go! Personally, my most embarrassing shot was during a tournament. I had a long 3w shot into a par 5 and swung out of my shoes. I topped the ball so badly that it somehow ended up going backwards and hit my opponent. Later that round I ended up double bogeying a par 3 after a tee shot that ended up 10 feet below the hole. Embarrassing day!
  2. By far the best explanation I have heard. Like you said golf is a game of form. Flexibility and strength will both benefit you in my opinion. I typically focus on both, but I was curious to see what everybody thought.
  3. Exactly my thinking. Dechambeau lifts a little and he puts on 30 yards (exaggeration I know)
  4. Question for everybody. Does weightlifting help with swing speed and distance? In high school I was always told that putting too much muscle on slows up swing speed or that being able to stretch and be more flexible will increase swing speed more than anything else. What are you thoughts on weightlifting/strength versus flexibility?
  5. What do you mean by left side bend?
  6. That right there is some of the best advice you could have said. I have been hitting off mats since most of our courses have been closed. And I have found in the past that they promote bad swing mechanics- I just didn’t think about that ??
  7. Anybody around the Bonita Springs area know any good public courses in the area? Naples or Fort Myers area would work too!
  8. I’ve had greens vary front 9 to the back 9 but not on the very last hole ?
  9. I’d like to hear what everybody has to say about this: I played a round yesterday and through 17 the greens were WET and SOFT. If you chipped you had to fly it to the hole, if you putt you might as well have used your driver. Anyways, I finally just started flying the ball pin high so I was getting closer approaches and then on 18, from 175 out with a nice little 7 I thought I was going to be going for eagle- the ball was going right at the stick but when it landed on the green, near the flag, it bounced as though it landed on concrete and ended up 10 yards off the back of the green. Anybody else have this happen?
  10. Great question. Love reading everybody’s thought process. I personally use a 58 if it is a tight pin location but if I have a lot of green to work with I use either my 54* or 48* SM7. Like somebody said, use the lowest club you are confident with dependent on pin location. I used to use solely a 58 but found that I kept hitting the ball very thin or blading it. When I switched to my 54 and 48 I was much more consistent - I’m assuming it’s a mental thing but who knows!
  11. Hey there! I am actually a nurse practitioner so I can speak to this a little bit. I personally have had a few rather extensive labral repairs in my left shoulder and I was back golfing in 3 months! Your replacement is quite a bit in depth but the key is your rehab! I know where I did all of my rehab they asked what my goals were and i told them to get back to golf- funny thing is, they actually had a whole set of clubs and a net to practice that motion nice I got that far along! Bottom line, take it slow and take it easy. If you miss out on golf for a summer it’ll be well worth it in the end. ??
  12. So when reading through some of the rules it says that you have to have a certain number of posts and a certain number of points or something to post clubs for sale? I have clubs that I want to post but don’t want to bombard the forum with worthless posts just so I can do it. Is there another avenue to go?
  13. I was more successful but launch angles were completely different For me. My thought was originally to stick with one lengths but there is obviously something Inherently wrong with my swing.
  14. A few years ago I went to one length irons because i was tired of hitting the ball fat and thin constantly. Back to variable length irons and was curious if anybody has any tips or drills to work on this.
  15. What are the chances they will be open end of June do you think?
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