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  1. Tour edge makes great hybrids. i play exs220 4h(22) and 5h(25) with kbs tgi, they feel and sound great, can play easily from anywhere (tee, deck, rough) and go straight. Game the exs pro h(20) with tensei silver and it looks incredible and shoots bullets, far. but definitely tougher for me to hit clean. I switch it up with a maverick 3h(18) with catalyst which has a nice head shape too and about same distance (210-215) as ex’s pro for me, higher shot. Highly recommend these.
  2. This, 100%. His stuff is helping change my game, something about his focus/approach, understanding and explanations. Works with malaska but not malaska “method”
  3. Iomic midsize pure standard best grips major leaguer Winn avs standard lamkin sink fit royal cord flatso 2 all time greatest - tiger shark jumbo
  4. 1. City, State? Bedford NY 2. Handicap? 13 3. Current driver setup? King limited Aldila rogue 60s 4. What KBS TD wood shaft do you want to win? Cat 3 stiff 50g 5. Why do you want to win a KBS TD shaft? Looking for a lighter weight performer for the long stick. play kbs tours and love the tgi shaft feel of my exs 220 hybrid 6. Would you be open and honest about your swing with an expert from KBS? Yes
  5. Picked up cobra king wide low 58-6 this year, fantastic lob wedge. Full shots, tight lies, any sand shots. I used to chip with gap wedge but have been a convert to the 58 with this grind. Wedgeworks Heel grind customization for lb K would be interesting for some open face versatility, but wonder how that might detract from the wide grind benefits.
  6. T200’s are a great iron. Had wishon 560 forged kbs tour and needed to go graphite ( torn thumb ligament, elbow tendinitis). Was putting off last 2 years but graphite technology finally seems to have caught up. Went to multiple fittings end of summer (CC, hot stix, pga ss), hit as many head and shaft combos (GI, players distance, cb’s) and every session t200 was a winner for me. Strangely catalyst and kbs tgi in lighter 70g weight range worked best. ptx pro with tgi placed 2nd. I found a local Titleist Thursday, rep hands me T200 with tensei av white(Stiff) am2 Shaft and all I
  7. I bought the Exs 220 25* and it is awesome, amazing feel and sound, automatic. Really funky head shape that grows on you. thinking of adding 19* and then a Super Hybrid 17* for Straight distance off the deck and tee box.
  8. Cobra wide low, have king 58 6 degree bounce. Great grind.
  9. Matt Wilkes is the man if you're dead set on Bender's academy. Great guy Thanks, looks like he's a clubfitter too, could be dangerous (and costly!)
  10. Anybody have any feedback on the mike bender golf academy in lake Mary and any specific instructors? Thanks
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