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  1. there will be a thread telling everyone who won. The winners will be notified via a message here.
  2. The erosion last year with the record levels of water in Lake Michigan has caused tremendous loss of property for many. Many people have either had to move their homes or tear them down to keep from being reduced to rubble by the receding shoreline.
  3. Sounds familiar! over 3 months for me with an eight iron.
  4. Huntmore has a decent range, Mystic Creek has a decent range. A little further north in Fenton is Coyote Preserve. They have a nice practice facility. I really can't speak for the others. sorry
  5. I live about 1 hour north so I can't speak for private clubs. There are plenty of public courses I've played including: Kensington Metropark Huron Meadows Metropark Moose Ridge Coyote Club Fox Hills (1st choice) Links of Novi (they tried to squeeze 27 holes into an 18 hole frame but in good shape) Lyon Oaks Mystic Creek (Camp Dearborn) Tanglewood A little farther north check out Huntmore and The Majestic at Lake Walden You won't lack for public courses within 20 minutes of South Lyon.
  6. I tried again yesterday to upload my round but the upload stopped. I deleted all of my rounds, clubs and asked them to delete my account. I pulled the tags from my clubs. I don't want anything to do with a company that has such terrible tech support. It's too bad, I liked their product when it was working correctly. I agree they should have had a subscription model from the beginning because even though they had a good product their business model wasn't too smart. I'll not give the Pro version a look.
  7. Today while practicing my short game there was a young guy that came over from the range with a 1/2 bucket of balls. He proceeded to hit each of them from off of the green, sculling quite a few. He then putted them to every hole on the practice green. He did pick most of them up before heading back to his car.
  8. I lost my round while trying to upload it via my PC yesterday. It stopped about 3/4 of the way thru the upload. I waited over 1 hour and then disconnected the device. When I tried to upload it again, the device said there wasn't any rounds available to upload. From their website a few days ago, they were saying to delete the app from your computer and reinstall. I did that and also did a factory reset realizing that the round would be lost forever. I chatted with them thru their site and email: Me to them: Am I understanding that the transfer app from
  9. I was going to play early yesterday as a single hoping to walk on to the course. At 9 am, the course still wasn't open. I asked the ground crew what time they opened and got mixed thoughts, some said 9 others said whenever the pro shows up. I made a tee time at another course.
  10. TheGrint has some very good data. They have a free version too.
  11. Game Golf updated their Android app today. I'm not sure that will fix the problem many people are having but at least they aren't dead in the water.
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